Dacha: the cucumber feed

cucumbers - one of the favorite plants of our gardeners.The technology of cultivation of particular complexity is no different.However, cucumbers are very demanding on the quality of the soil.This plant of the Cucurbitaceae family needs periodic dressing.If such measures ignored the leaves start to turn yellow cucumbers can, and yields correspondingly reduced.Later in the article we consider, what to feed cucumber way to get healthy and strong plant.

the first time fertilize the bushes about two weeks after they germinate.This is usually used manure.This is the most preferred means for cucumbers.Pre-cooked mixture of one bucket of manure, and two buckets of water.It needs to be put in a warm place for fermentation.After fertilization configure themselves for 6 days, it is ready for use.

for feeding healthy green cucumbers take half a liter of this mixture and diluted in a bucket of water.This composition of the soil under the plants watered, trying not to fall on the leaves.To use the bushes yellowed liter of mixture in a bucket.So the answer to the question: "How to fertilize cucumber at an early stage of development?"- Received.What to do next?

second feeding is best done with the use of chicken manure.Do this after the plants appear on the first flowers.Preparing fertilizer exactly the same as in the first case.However, it will have to push a little bit longer - 8 days.Breeding ready mix must also be slightly different.The fact that chicken litter - a much more powerful tool than conventional manure.Not observing the correct proportions, you can easily burn the roots.Therefore, a bucket of water can not be taken more than one cup of infusion prepared from chicken manure.Thus, it becomes clear what to fertilize cucumber on the flowering stage.You can add a little bit of ash solution.

ash - generally a very good tool.Not only is it contains a huge amount of useful minerals, it also reduces the acidity of the soil that plants of the Cucurbitaceae family is very important.Therefore, it can sometimes be used for fertilizing and as an independent fertilizer.

Now consider how to properly feed cucumber during fruiting.At this time the plants require special attention.Fertilizers have to make every 10 days.It is possible to use the same two mixtures discussed above.Chicken manure and manure should be alternated.After each feeding, at any stage of development do not forget a good shed the soil under the plants with water.

as fertilizer for cucumbers not use and dry manure.However, do not use can not be decomposed.It is necessary that he is at least a few months, or even better - year mature in piles.In this case, you can make fertilizer (both before planting a flower bed, and just under the soil zamulchirovat cucumbers layer 2 cm).

With regard to store funds, in this regard, many gardeners "better fed cucumbers" - also not an issue.Many are advised to use any peat-gumievoe fertilizer.Very positive, some also speak of agents containing trace elements - "Kemira Suite".Well, of course, the usual urea also will not hurt.A tablespoon of this tool you can add to a dung solution at first feeding.

Thus, the question "what to fertilize cucumber" in front of you is no longer worth it.The best remedy - this is the usual manure.Cucumbers are very sensitive to changes in the composition of the soil, and with proper care will please the owner garden excellent harvest.