How is the response to a court

often causes some difficulty writing characteristics that require a lawyer or justice.When compiling is necessary not only to describe the personal qualities of the man, but his behavior at home, the attitude to family values, property condition.Prepared response to a court, usually in cases of human attraction to administrative responsibility, his participation in the criminal proceedings.It is an official document.

In the case where such a response is required from the employer, the main value in it make information about public employment and personnel.Preferably it looks option assess personal qualities immediate supervisor, who was able to study in detail and the employee is able to reproduce the most complete certain aspects of his character.Even better to consult with a representative body, send a request and find out what it should contain the provided document.

rules of registration and drawing up business correspondence must be met necessarily as characteristic of the court of the organization attached to the materials of the proceedings.Hence, the basic requirements for the availability details of the originator.Design specifications made on the letterhead of the organization or on a standard A4 sheet with corner stamp employer.In an extreme case, all identifying information must be contained in the press, the signature of the head of the fastening.Preferably the presence of the outgoing number and date of the document.Characteristics of the court may comprise several building blocks, selected paragraphs.In the title including the name of the employee and his position.

in paragraphs of text should be listed as follows:

- brief questionnaire indicating the available special education and if there is information about the service in the army, they also can not hurt to reflect;

- part of the employee's family, the number of persons on its contents;

- give a brief curriculum vitae in your organization: he hired, at any office of labor, which is part of his duties;

- evaluate its business, professional and personal qualities, if an employee has been encouraged or subjected to penalties - provide for that;

- describe his behavior in everyday life.

When drafting the text should be as objective as possible, to give a frank assessment of the nature of knowledge and skills.Characteristics of the court from the workplace may significantly affect the fate of your employees, so you should not be ashamed of expressions such as hard work and responsibility, kindness, decency, sociability.Positive review of the employer is a big plus when considering the case in court.

few simple household characteristics drawn up in court.The preform for her, as a rule, printed citizen trustees involved in the proceedings.She may not have details of seals or any organizations.The main condition for its assurances - details of the neighbors, it confirming their addresses and telephone numbers (ideally - passport or photocopies of passports).

In order to demonstrate the look characteristic of the court, a sample of her writing (for example) give below.

left - corner stamp with the details.Right - the recipient or performer request.

further aligned to the center:

features on the navel IA, chief engineer of "Tonic".

Pupko Ivan Andreyevich 05.07.HHHH of birth, secondary technical education, special equipment mechanic.Married with dependents has three sons.Prior employment in the company "Prima" served in the Republic of Armenia (in 2009-2010).In 2011, he worked in private enterprise "Monolith" Mechanical Technician - a positive recommendation.

Pupko IALtd. is a member of "Prima" NNN city in January 2012 and currently works as a senior mechanic.Performs the duties of repair and maintenance of fleet performance organization.Hardworking, able to accept non-standard solutions, it tends to be active.Do not avoid the adoption of independent and informed decisions.Despite his young age, he has a deep knowledge of the device car.Violation of labor discipline are not allowed, encouraged by the leadership of the hard work and trouble-free operation of equipment.For the purpose of professional development at the university studying by correspondence (name).

The team - friendly, sociable.He tries to avoid conflict situations, able to compromise.Needless ambitious, seeks to enhance its credibility.Tactful, the manual shows respect.

In life adheres to the norms and principles of universal communication.His bad habit is smoking, alcohol does not abuse.Always neat, tidy.The family relationships strong, benevolent.A lot of time to the education of his son.Income satisfactory living conditions - a rented apartment.

features compiled for NNN-ray district court.

date, title and signature of the head, print.