"Admiralty Shipyards" medical center.

any health problems need to be addressed, especially for this complex work "Admiralty Shipyards".Medical Center, which has existed for more than 15 years, has deserved the attention of residents and visitors alike.There have traditionally observe the most important principle is a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment of patients.It is very important and the staff of the clinic.Here, all doctors have a high degree and tremendous experience.About 70% of the medical staff who work with patients - doctors and candidates of sciences.It is very simple for a complete examination, get professional advice and treatment regimen visiting "Admiralty Shipyards".Medical center reached the highest level of service, because of what and is very popular.

polyclinics and outpatient center

Today, there are additional services, allowing even more convenient to attend was "Admiralty Shipyards".Medical center at the clinic to open additional surgical and medical hospital with VIP-chambers.The spectrum of diseases that are successfully treated, is very wide.These are different surgeries that are performed with the use of modern technology.Hernia, diseases of veins, joints and soft tissues - all problems that can be solved on the basis of a full day or a hospital."Admiralty Shipyards" - medical center, which has all the necessary conditions so that every patient feel cozy and comfortable.

little about the clinic

In 2015, the city is waiting for a small anniversary.JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" celebrates its 20th anniversary since opening.From the first day, and this day is considered the main principles of creation of comfortable conditions for the patient's treatment and to achieve high positive results.Each client is available the whole range of traditional inpatient and outpatient care.Used high-tech and most gentle method of intensive treatment.

Besides surgical hospital of "Admiralty Shipyards" offers round the clock and therapeutic hospital, which can be accessed with any question.This patient developed a variety of wellness programs.Most of them are aimed at the rehabilitation of patients after previous surgery.


Clinic "Admiralty Shipyards" is equipped with the high-tech equipment.This magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography spiral, ultrasonic endoscope, and more.Special attention is given ophthalmic equipment.There is carried out a unique operation aimed at the correction of vision.One of the most popular procedures performed Clinic "Admiralty Shipyards" - is excimer laser vision correction LASIK method.Modern laser carries out the operation at the highest level.

Center Achievements

primarily the highest achievement of the clinic can be considered as something that is able to collect a stunning medical personnel.In the center - well-coordinated team, which is constantly working to improve the skills.Already, the results are striking: 70% of doctors have the highest or the first category, have participated in scientific conferences held in the leading European clinics.Recently, at the center have been introduced the most advanced minimally invasive techniques in general surgery, otolaryngology, gynecology, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, endocrine surgery, urology and gastroenterology.It is due to move in step with the times in St. Petersburg is very famous are the "Admiralty Shipyards".The center has all the conditions to receive and accommodate the patient, as well as assist him at the highest level.

Services provided

MC "Admiralty Shipyards" regularly increases the list of services.We will list only the most popular.Among them - the outpatient ENT diseases in children and adults.These are problems that are among the most common among the population.On the second place in popularity are hearing improving surgery, endoscopic surgery of the nose, plastic surgery, phoniatrics, Audiology and vestibulologiya.We should also highlight the surgical services, because their range is very large.We look at them in detail, so you have a complete picture of the center of the "Admiralty Shipyards".The clinic is designed for daily maintenance of dozens of patients, for that it has sufficient staff, and a desk Fund.

Branch endovideosurgery

This is one of the most advanced techniques to conduct surgical operations prkticheski without violating the integrity of the tissue.Where conventional surgery is required to make a cut of at least 10 cm, endovideosurgery quite small puncture.Through it he introduces a tube that transmits a greatly enlarged image on the screen.The surgeon is to perform a special manipulation using the finest tools.It is an effective intervention is in cholelithiasis and various hernias.Widely used this method when cysts and polyps, ulcers of the stomach and intestines, acute appendicitis.In gynecology these technologies provide space for the treatment of diseases that used to be a real sentence.It adhesions, nephroptosis, vascular disease and varicose veins.


This is a very important branch of medicine that studies diseases of the veins and blood vessels.The set of diseases once considered incurable, can now be treated very effectively.Most people faced with such illnesses as varicose veins and venous insufficiency.They suffer every second, and almost every tenth handles extremely advanced.This is manifested in the form of the disease resistant veins of the lower extremities.It is manifested in the form protruding blue veins, knots and throbbing pain.Classical surgery offers to remove some parts of the varicose veins changed, and the special technology allows to manage a small puncture.


operations on soft tissues, tendons, bones - this is what the center's specialists are working daily "Admiralty Shipyards".The clinic offers a variety of services to their patients and professional trauma surgeons.Among them, arthroscopic surgery and correction of foot deformities.The qualified medical and diagnostic care for patients includes services such as:

  • treatment and supportive therapy for age-related changes of the spine, joints and tendons.
  • Experts advise on prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Very useful from time to time to visit the clinic athletes.Congestion and pain - that's what faced by everyone who participates in sport at a professional level.
  • various injuries, children, sports, household and industrial - all the problems that are turning people into "Admiralty Shipyards".Testimonials are very warmly about the professionalism of the medical staff and the quality of services rendered.

Any of these services can be obtained through out-patient treatment, but if time allows, it is better to go a full rehabilitation in a hospital.You may want to transfer to day kind of treatment.

Outpatient Surgery

Children and adults may at any time require the assistance of a professional surgeon.For any question you can contact the "Admiralty Shipyards".Medical Center, which reviews talk about the caring attitude and professionalism of the staff certainly deserves the attention of patients.Department of Ambulatory Surgery allows to return home a few hours after surgery.The doctors perform surgical treatment of wounds, sutured and eliminate cosmetic defects.Furthermore, after examining the surgeon may open the abscess, make excision of nevi, remove foreign bodies from the soft tissues.

specialists perform a large number of surgical operations, which are aimed at improving the musculoskeletal system.It punctures of joints and tendon ganglia.Furthermore, cosmetic solve problems such as an ingrown nail.Excision procedure will help to forget about this inconvenience.

Features anesthesia

Any of the procedures can be performed without anesthesia or with its different variations.For example, a survey of all FGS familiar, unpleasant, but necessary procedure to assess the condition of the inner cavity of the stomach and esophagus.C anesthesia, it is much easier to move.Pain relief is made at the request of the patient and according to its requirements.

experienced anesthesiologists certainly explore the entire history of the patient, based on psychosomatic medicine and patient comorbidities.Analgesia produced the most toxic drugs that damage health was minimal.If general anesthesia is required, use the special equipment of European level of the company Drager.This allows not only the most accurately measure the required dosage, but at all times to monitor the patient's condition.This ensures maximum safety for the patient for the entire time of the operation and thereafter.Modern products provide an easy way out of the anesthesia.On the same day the patient can go home.

address and contact

You can easily find medical center, "Admiralty Shipyards".Address: St. Petersburg street.Gardening, 126. Hours registry - from 8:00 to 20:00 every day and from 8:00 to 18:00 on Sunday.The doctor on duty waiting for you around the clock and seven days a week.It's so important to know that in any situation there are people who can help.Phone Clinic - 8-713-68-36.


mainly positive reviews.People praise the professionalism of doctors, a pleasant atmosphere and excellent results, which gives treatment.Separately, the modern equipment, because many patients had to undergo similar surveys in poorly equipped classrooms, so they have something to compare.Based on their responses, many painful procedures have become much easier to be transported within the walls of the clinic "Admiralty Shipyards".This is facilitated by experienced personnel, modern equipment and professional work of anesthesiologists.

If you are concerned about health problems, but doctors can not make a correct diagnosis, then come to the medical center.Judging by the reviews, here to conduct thorough and very high quality diagnostics.This will help evaluate the performance of the whole body, to identify the different infringements and to develop an integrated approach that best suit each individual patient.