Prayer on the road for the fearless people

No wonder there is the phrase "way of life", meaning a biography of a person.Any prayer - on the road.

for every believer of the Orthodox day begins with a prayer, it is he and ends.Any business, any work is preceded by recourse to the Lord and thank him also completed.The people shall be accounted worthy to understand the wisdom of the Creator, to thank him for everything, even failure, because it does not always give what he asked, but merely that really need it.Life experience suggests that without the Lord's will is impossible, no achievement, and successful completion of the journey as well.

even leaving the house in a hurry, you should find at least a few seconds to cross himself in the red corner, and going in difficult and unsafe way is to pray and pouserdney.

In any prayer prayers there on the road.Moreover, several of them, for example, there are specially designed for drivers and for sailors and soldiers.These prayers in the street are very good, they have the strength and faith.It is best to memorize some of them, but if you do not manage to overcome the sin of idleness, and you can read a book, do not worry.In fact, they have a greater degree of similarity, and are pleading.

much more important than another.Before every long way, leaving his house, an Orthodox Christian must establish peace in your heart, make it good and quiet reigned.It is not always easy, but we must strive to do so.A short prayer for the journey to Great.

Especially it concerns representatives of the professions, which are called courageous.Soldiers, pilots, sailors, truck drivers, "truckers" high-altitude climbers, miners, police officers and many other officers and employees at risk on a daily basis, and they need God's help more often than any other, so it was moved.Their prayers in the street terse but informative.

truly brave man is not afraid of anyone except God.These were the Prince Golenishtchev-Kutuzov-Smolensky, Admiral Ushakov, Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov and other prominent people in the campaigns proved their courage.

Once upon a time, about a century ago, a field-marshal said that the war atheists disappear somewhere.It is true, unfortunately, we remember God more often when we are away something you need.However, and to close people, some are about the same.

Prayer in the way - it is only the formal aspect of the matter that makes a person feel a deep believer right hand of God, and to those who simply patter "drumming" memorized the text does not give anything.It is important to remember that anger blinds, impoverishes envy, laziness steals.The road may be not only the difficulties and dangers, often with their cunning traps lure the traveler, and he can not always distinguish the good from the bad.And death is not only physical, but also spiritual.

Very well, if the prayer was written in the way of expensive hand man, woman, child, mother or father.You can buy a small book shop in the church, well, if it is present one.And if it happened that the prayer book at hand was not, then it's not terrible, it is possible in your own words.Or read the very brief "prayer of the publican," her remember something really quite simple.