How to please a girl

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first date - it is not scary

going on a first date with a girl you like?Worry and think only about how not to make some fatal mistake?We can not say that the unrest in vain, because the girls are unpredictable creatures, guided by their own - female - logic, which is not given to comprehend any of the stronger sex.

Every young man wanted to know exactly what the recipe - how to please a girl.He expects the meeting, and minutes before it started last almost indefinitely.The fair sex can not understand how important for the guys seems a first date, even if it does not mark the beginning of a serious relationship.After this meeting - the most important and responsible, indicating whether the worthy man and woman to each other, you are able to please each other, and then - to decide on the course of events, new meetings and perhaps love.Like a Woman interested in - this question sooner or later every man asks.

main thing - look

On the first date, it is important to take into account any change, as it is may not be enough to create a positive impression.Like the girl at the first meeting is very important because, despite the popular wisdom that says that women love with their ears, the ability to assess young people's fashion style and appearance of the fair sex has almost from birth.A woman may like to slip unconsciously look for clothes her partner and then make a conclusion about his qualities.Therefore, before the guy who is going to interest a Woman, there is a problem: what to wear.From tracksuits should refuse immediately, no matter how comfortable and familiar to them walking.How to please a girl?Choose clean clothes of classical style, but do not overact - no jacket and tie.The ideal option for the product can be called a favorable impression on a clean shirt and carefully ironed pants, in an extreme case - jeans, but always with an attractive belt.Of course, the shoes should be snug and scrubbing.All these details are bound to be marked and recorded in the list of mental attentive girl in a definite "plus."

probably should not specify that before a date be sure to take a shower and use a light toilet water - always light and unobtrusive, who remembered the lady for a long time and will be associated with this meeting (of course, if it is successful).

Further action

best thing about how to please a girl they know themselves, so the young man on a date must listen to her.More than anything, women appreciate men's punctuality.It does not matter that they themselves are often late for 5-10 minutes!Cavalier is bound to come a little early and wait patiently for it.It's part of the women's game, the rules which must be carried out strictly.The same can be said about the choice of venue for the date: first you need to ask the girl where she wanted to go, and then, if it decides to offer its options. If possible - to guess her desires, for example, walkin the park, or sit in a cozy cafe.

And finally ...

If you do not know how to please a girl - Enter emotional conversation is not limited to the answers to her questions, ask them yourself.Girls do not like boys too chatty, but also despise and silent types, so stick around to be a middle ground.If everything goes as expected, the fair sex itself will know about it, and then the first date is sure to become the starting point for great feel and long relationship.