Preparation for confession - one of the most important stages of spiritual development

Unfortunately, none of us is perfect.But there are times when we just need to turn to God - or asking for comfort.And so our words are heard, we need to go through the sacrament of confession, cleansed of evil thoughts and sins.However, not all so simple.By the confession must be prepared carefully and seriously.

stages of preparation

Preparation for confession consists of several stages.First, you need to realize that it is necessary to speak.We are accustomed to consider themselves good people, good, positive.Few dare even to himself admit not too plausible deeds and thoughts, let alone bring them to someone's judgment, to make the subject of discussion ... We think that the way we are doing what most people, and no one in whom no pokesfingers.Preparing for Confession helps to understand the illegality of such an opinion.The fact that someone does the same, as we are, does not absolve our actions print sinfulness.Understand this and sincerely repent, want to get rid of sins - that means sacred ordinance.

next step - to try to cope with their embarrassment.It is especially hard when such a conversation with the Lord to be the first time.Preparation for confession includes the attitude that the priest, who will listen to us, not just a man, but a kind of link between us and God.He was appointed Higher Power above us accomplish sacrament of Penance.Therefore, to embarrass him or trying to hide something - anyway, that hide from the all-seeing eye of God.Thus, the preparation for confession - it is very, very serious spiritual work of man over himself.It will give us the opportunity to come to a decision for all say goodbye to some sins and strongly fight with our other ungodly habits.

What are the rules of confession should be aware in advance

Going to church, we tune to the fact that our confession, our act will be pleasing to God and accepted by Him.It will happen in the event that our words will come from the heart, with the utmost sincerity, without embellishment and efforts to rehabilitate, justify himself, with humility and fear of the Lord.What are the basic rules of the confessional?

  • Preparation for confession of sins and realize the need to tell their own, and not someone else.After all, we are going to ask for forgiveness for himself and not for the neighbor;
  • should not be long in confession narrate about anything.It should be clearly and specifically explain what we've done in my life, "not" where stumble or make a mistake, someone was hurt and evil;
  • confession in the church does not provide again and again to remember those offenses in which we have repented and have received forgiveness.Repeat possible and even necessary only if we re-commit the sin;
  • But you can not hide anything.Otherwise, it may seem that we do not realize the seriousness of what is happening, we refer to the process of surface, and, by and large, and God himself in all seriousness do not perceive, to play with him in the hide and seek.This attitude, of course, unacceptable.Thus, we only increase the weight of the load of your sins, make them unaffordable;
  • main purpose of confession is not only to be forgiven to us over the priest read the appropriate prayers.The goal - in the rejection of the old life and the implementation of an unjust desire to start a new life as a child of God.If it is not in us, the confession turns into a simple retelling of life stories, without enlightenment and purification.And in this sense there will be no;
  • preparing for confession should lead to fast and frugal life, read the Bible and spiritual literature.Father, to which you refer, give guidance and instruction.

Confession - exercise responsibility, it imposes on a person a number of responsibilities.Observe them - the task of those who want to find God reliable support and a guiding force for all life on earth.