Temples Sebastopol.

Sevastopol - a city located on the peninsula of Crimea.This city is home to so many Orthodox Christians.Every year, pilgrims from all over the world come to worship the holy places of Sevastopol.And not only the Orthodox, many people want to at least once in life to admire the beauty of the city and visit its attractions, the temples of Sevastopol.St. Nicholas Church - one of the most visited.

Pokrovsky Cathedral

architect Feldman created the project of the Cathedral of the Intercession, after approval by its construction began.The cathedral was opened to the public in 1905.During World War II because of heavy bombardment of Sebastopol, he suffered a lot.Lack of funds prevented completely renovated St. Basil's Cathedral.Part of the building has remained destroyed, but its extent and ability to recover funds.Prior to 1962, Pokrovsky Cathedral served.But then, the building housed a gymnasium and an archive of Sevastopol.


After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, the building was once again transferred to the believers, but not completely, but only its northern limit.In April, St. Basil's Cathedral was consecrated in the name of St. Panteleimon, service resumed.In winter 1994 the building was given to the Orthodox Christians completely.


upper church bears the name of the Holy Virgin, below is a temple in honor of the martyrs: Sophia and her daughters.The restoration is still not completely finished, now undergoing restoration work on the southern limit of the temple.

Admiralty Cathedral of St. Vladimir

plight at this temple.Cathedral began to build in the XIX century.With a break of eight years, the temple still was built and consecrated in 1888.The Cathedral has only one dome, which indicates the Byzantine style.But the main feature is that the walls of the church are no icons, they were replaced with marble slabs with the names of the heroes of the first defense, 33 people from the Order of St. George.First buried in the crypt of the cathedral has not been elevated to his chief builder - Admiral Lazarev, then a few more people had his students who died in the defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855.And today, you can see their tombs.

is necessary to highlight the most famous and miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Reigning" and "The Inexhaustible Cup".Admiralty Cathedral of St. Vladimir is one of these churches, which have long been famous monuments of culture, it is visited by many visitors, even the non-Orthodox, people.

St. Nicholas Church

Diverse churches of Sevastopol.St. Nicholas Church was built in the center of the cemetery.The city suffered a great deal in its history.In the picture below, you can look in detail at the church.The Crimean War was imprinted in the memory of the descendants of those who died heroically in the attacks to Sevastopol.A huge number of soldiers did not survive in the defense, they were buried in mass graves, and now stands between St. Nicholas Church (Sevastopol).The cemetery is forgotten, local and visitors come to honor the memory of his heroes (they are very large and in the photo, unfortunately, can not be represented).The building is perhaps one of the most remarkable in the city.View of the pyramid is the church.Many dream to go to St. Nicholas Church (Sevastopol).Photos can be viewed below.


As already mentioned, the church was built in memory of the fallen soldiers in the Crimean War under Alexander II, who began building many temples of Sevastopol.St. Nicholas Church was designed by architect Avdeyev, who became an academician of the Imperial Academy of Arts is the job.St. Nicholas Church was built on donations from residents.Church began to build back in 1857, and consecrated in 1870.During World War II suffered many temples of Sevastopol, St. Nicholas also did not escape their fate after the war were carried out to restore.Church has once again become active only in 1988, then was consecrated a cross.And today, continuing the restoration of the temple.The shell of a warship of the Russian Navy knocked down the bell tower.But the dome was completely unharmed.Already in 1971 the bell tower was restored.On the whole 27 meters towering St. Nicholas Church.Sevastopol is famous for its churches, many of which look very unusual, but this building can rightly be considered a leader.

Interesting facts

We should also be disassembled and interesting facts, which is associated with St. Nicholas Church (Sevastopol).Mysticism is that there is a legend of the underground connection with Vladimir Cathedral.But it is known only a few small moves in this church.However, there is a probability of detection of the most unknown yet connect the two churches.Everyone can visit Sevastopol, St. Nicholas Church.The refectory (Tamara K., work in it, in particular) will feed all those in need, it is in the church.


Temple, as already mentioned, rises to a height of 27 meters.The cross on the top of a height of 6.8 meters was made of diorite.Inside the church are written in letters of gold on a plaque names of the dead, a large number of whom are buried in the common cemetery.He recalls the heroism of soldiers and myself St. Nicholas Church.Sevastopol remembers its heroes, monolithic church, like his whole appearance shows the resistance of the Russian people and soldiers of the Crimean War.

Paul Cathedral

Among the huge number of cathedrals of Sevastopol released Peter and Paul Cathedral.Its main difference - it's a strange kind of Christian churches.The cathedral is in the Greek style, moreover, is very reminiscent of the Parthenon, located in Greece, in Athens.Admiral Lazarev, who is buried in the Admiralty Cathedral of St. Vladimir, was a sponsor of the construction and the temple.

Peter and Paul Cathedral was consecrated as early as 1844.At that time he became the most unusual building of Sevastopol.Today, the temple is not fully operational, services are held here twice a week.Peter and Paul Cathedral was the home culture.

All Saints Church

Admiral Bychensky donated money for the construction of the Cathedral of All Saints, in 1822, the building was consecrated.However, during the Crimean War it was looted.The sum of money allocated for the restoration of Pikin, All Saints Church was re-consecrated already in 1859.In 1990 began the restoration of the building.Artists painted elements of the interior.Three lamps, lit from the Holy Fire unquenchable, always before the icon of the Mother of God.

Chapel of St. George on Sapun Hill

This building belongs to the whole complex, which was created in honor of the second defense of Sevastopol (the Great Patriotic War) and then complete liberation from Nazi invaders.The architect was appointed Grigor'yants.Consecrated a chapel in 1995, in honor of the 50th anniversary of victory in World War II.The sculpture, which is located on the dome of the building, carried out Dodenko archpriest.Painter led Brusentsov artwork.Pavlov made sketches, which later was recruited mosaic icon above the entrance.