How to calculate ovulation?

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If conscious planning a pregnancy is important not only to try to normalize their daily routine, sleep as possible to give up smoking, alcohol consumption and harmful food, but also to know about the physiological processes that take place each month in the female body.After unsuccessfully trying to conceive a child in a poor for this period can be more than one month.

Given that pregnancy is possible only within 24 hours after the release of the egg, it is important to be able to calculate the days of ovulation.Of course, with good motor sperm activity and a favorable environment for them in the uterus, they can survive in it for about 5 days while maintaining the ability to fertilize.That is why it is believed that a woman can get pregnant just for a few days in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

Ideally, when a 28-day cycle, the egg has to leave the ovary at 14 days, counting from the first day of the onset of the last menstrual period.But for many women it is not so easy to calculate the days of ovulation: some - irregular cycle, while others - since the release of the egg lasts for 14 days as described in textbooks, and 10. To clarify, when you still have this process occurs,There are many methods, however, each of them has different reliability.To auspicious days to get your pregnancy, you can do ovulation test, observe the cervix, with the nature and intensity of discharge, measuring basal temperature, and even make regular ultrasound diagnostics.Incidentally, the latter method is one of the most reliable: using ultrasound can determine the size of the follicles, the endometrium and look at the date of the gap suggests the dominant follicle and ovulation.

But the majority in order to calculate the days of ovulation, measuring basal temperature.The main drawback of such testimony is that the release of the egg, you will learn a couple of days after the event.Thus, before the follicle to burst, the temperature may fall slightly, and after ovulation sharply go up.That jump BT says the fact of release of the egg.By the time of raising the temperature, it has long been left ovary, and, most likely, is not ready to be fertilized.But if the measurements are carried out on a daily basis a few months, you can have more or less reliably assume that basal temperature should rise.Ovulation occurs before this afternoon.

combination of daily morning measurement tests in which the test strip is brightened control for 1-2 days until the release of the egg, can give a reliable result of the expected date of possible conception.

Of course, you can try to calculate the days of ovulation, without the use of any additional evidence or research, but as to exactly this can be done only when the regular cycle.It is necessary to take into account that from now until the next menstrual period usually takes 10 to 14 days, for many, this period lasts 12 days.So you can find out the approximate day of ovulation and is actively trying to conceive a baby at this moment.But the use of such a calculation for the prevention of risk.