How to create a Skype?

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Communication - this is one of the main components of our lives.Advances in technology pushed to the "boondocks" letters written by hand, giving the palm of IT-tools.The latter include mobile telephony and the Internet.With their help, you can communicate freely, while hundreds of thousands of kilometers apart.Now, we do not run to the mailbox - we are with all his rush to the computer when it starts ringing, and melodious bell rang Skype.

The leading utility for communication

no exaggeration to say that this program is a symbol of freedom on the Internet.Many people are seriously interested in this tool, how to create Skype and who was its founder?There are many opinions on this issue.And most of them - are false.Interestingly, many Danes and Swedes say with absolute certainty that the developers of Skype - their compatriots.However, this is not entirely true.This article tells about who invented Skype really is and how this tool has gained worldwide recognition.

Estonian roots

all probably know pretty small European country whose name automatically brings a smile - Estonia.Somehow, the population of the former Soviet Union the State is associated exclusively with the slowness and slowness of its citizens.Imagine the surprise of many, when it becomes a known fact that the creation of Skype - this is the work of the Estonian boys.Agree, incredibly, that this country is the slow flow of life is home to one of the fastest programs to communicate on the Internet.This fact provides a seemingly veiled reference to a completely false idea of ​​the temperament and character of Estonians.

Origin and development tools

Skype history began in 2003.It was then, about 11 years ago, the Estonian guys Ahti Heinla, Priit Tallinn Kasesalu and Jan developed the original code that was the foundation of the future program.At that time, they also worked on the utility for sharing files between Internet users.This program is called KaZaa.Together with Estonian young people have worked on this project and described the founders of sharing: the Dane Janus Friis and Swede Nicholas Zenshtorm.In the process of work has not even slow guys have designed the code, which became the basis for future interactive programs.

parallel with how to create Skype programmers studied the demands and wishes of users of the Network.It became clear that people no longer enough simply chat.Therefore, the founders of the team it was decided to give all possible utility features that will not only written communication, and video communication and the exchange of various data.

Choosing a name

original name was chosen for utility expression «Sky peer-to-peer», which means "across the sky each other."The team then opted for the shortened version «Skyper».However, in domains within the World Wide Web it has been found that this name on many resource is busy.As a result, young people are "pulled back" the last letter «r» the name and chose a simple and concise «Skype».The process of selection of the names took several months.The final decision was made in April 2003.The result was a successful registration of domains with names and

Full version and the growing popularity of

In August of the same year in the open access Internet entered the official program, which has almost all functionality developers planned.The so-called beta version was released to the network in order to obtain detailed information on errors and faults.While creating Skype, programmers, it was decided in the future to the extent possible to implement in their "child" features that consumers want to see.It is thanks to the beta version, developers have gathered enough information about the tastes and preferences of users, allowing them to create a quick and equipped with different modes of utility.

first full version is now available for users already in autumn 2003.It is noteworthy that in a few months the number of users of the program has grown to hundreds of thousands of times.A lot of people thanked those talented programmers who invented Skype.

Advantages utility

What attracted users this program?

For a start, it's free use.The minimum and the necessary set of functions for communication is available for free.What is remarkable, among them a leading position takes video communications.For many people, living with each other for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, this mode is an excellent opportunity to get closer to each other.

The second item is a quick registration.To become a member of a large "family Skype" is enough to enter in the address of your mailbox, select the nickname and password-Neum.That's all.Now you can enjoy.

Still, this utility has a user-friendly interface.Through a well-designed instrument panel is easy to switch modes, change the tabs and configure the program.The fourth item is the convenient and fast search for interlocutor.Just go to the tab "Contacts" and click "Add Contact."Enter a name for the search in the window that appears, choose who we want.Request for adding the contact list will be sent at the same time.

course, a huge advantage over other Skype software to communicate is the large number of different functions.The first and most common (as in all similar and similar tools) is the ability to send and receive simple text messages.Have video calls made Skype the leading application for contact distant interlocutors.In addition, the program can share different files: send photos, documents, music, videos and more.

first problem

Two years after the publication of the program was the first trouble for developers event.Trying to involve the population of China to the new mobile version of the utility, a team of young programmers get serious resistance in the face of local telecommunications companies.The reason was the fear of Asian corporations to lose control over the conquered market segments.Few Chinese companies have made concessions and agreed to add them to their mobile phone application SkypeOut.

Sale and Returns

rapid growth of the popularity of the program has attracted the attention of major companies.In 2005, developers sold their "child."The buyer was the company eBay, which offered an interactive utility for $ 2.6 billion.After a while, company, known worldwide for its online auctions and payment system PayPal, paid bonus payments to the program, to increase the value of 500 million Skype.History of the creation and modernization of utilities includes more than one owner.In 2011, eBay sold the rights back to the program developers and attract investors - at Microsoft.The amount of the transaction amounted to 8.5 billion dollars.

At the moment, it is a complete version of the story about how to create Skype.Many developers are still ahead.A huge number of plans is facing programmers.We can only look forward to a new and improved versions of interactive communication Skype.