The second lesson hypnosis techniques

The last time we looked at the first stage of suggestion, which consists to withdraw from the inspired consciousness psychological protection.Let's move on to the second stage.

The second stage: the removal of the filter of consciousness, evoking confidence.The main thing with suggestion - to inspire confidence.It is necessary to make the inspired with exacerbation feel divert attention of his mind, to translate the attention of consciousness to sensation.

To do this, you must do the following with suggestible:

1. Make him put his feet together, eyes closed, let it set the maximum relax.

2. Hold his head on both sides of the ears in his hands at a distance of 5-10 cm. Arbitrarily call from the fingertips and palms to the flow of heat tingling in his hands.

3. Allow the installation partner: "Focus your attention on the sensations in the head."

4. Ask what he feels.Answer: "The feeling of warmth."Say: "Who is feeling the heat will increase."Move hand to his forehead partner.

sensitivity above the forehead, so he immediately feels the heat gain, ie,receive reinforcements action words.

Some instilled instead of feeling warmth or tingling start to lose balance.Some are surprised to discover that the presentation to the hands to their ears, changes tone of voice and the familiar sounds that may sound at this point.It is necessary to ask: "What do you feel?"If your partner says some tingling or something else, for example: "pulls back", you say, "That's right, today will drag even more."If we say that sound like something changed, I must say, "That's right, the way it should be."

This is a crucial moment of penetration into the subconscious.All the power - in confirming the word with the action!

For example, have you noticed that he had a tear.Immediately reacts.
Say: "Now you will have tears," etc.In this way faith is fixed on an unconscious level (subconscious).

As reinforcements word action lowers the threshold of suggestibility.
information which gives, must be credible and be sure to
reinforcements.Willpower is not the inspired plays a role.

Based on the book by R. Bragg 'Hypnosis.Tutorial '.

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