8 ideas of Waldorf education

Follow Waldorf approach to education of a hundred - it is difficult, and not all are acceptable.But some of the ideas of this system will be able to bring to your relationship with your children new, warm and gentle paint.

1. Dramatize tales

Not all children from an early age can captivate book and the stories aloud, without illustrations, are difficult to understand.Waldorf teachers offer bedtime story to show.Cover the cloth a couple of chairs set next to prepare in advance, or take in a play corner plot suitable for dolls, light a candle and slowly reveal a fairy tale.Let the movements of the characters will be soft, and voices, even the terrible bear, calm and smooth.Then your baby will again and again to ask for a bedtime story.And in a few days he will be able to take it easy on the ear.

2. Get a tradition and create your annual rhythm

traditional, recurring events, help the child to better navigate through time.Including divide the year into segments that are easier to understand and live internally.But if the time of the New Year to Easter, we are relatively traditional holidays filled with familiar dishes, home decorations and activities, the remaining part of the year in this sense is a failure.Add a harvest festival in September and early November - the feast of lanterns.In March and April, when the heat waiting for delayed, larks and bake zaklikaet spring.In summer, hosed and squirted on Ivan Kupala walk in the annual march the whole family.

3. Accompany the daily affairs of poems and songs

possible when your child was a baby, you already did it.But even older children will appreciate the unconventional approach to washing, fees for a walk, laying on naps, or cleaning the nursery.Poems can be selected from well-known, or come up with their own.

4. Sew sleeping doll

Doll cotton in a sleeping bag and cap made my mother's loving hands, will be for many years your faithful assistant in the laying of the child.Even if you have not sewed almost nothing - you get!Because the important thing for the child, it is you, for him, to make a unique toy, and the way it looks - is secondary.

5. Children in Waldorf style

When designing a child's room give preference to pastel tones - it harmonises and calms the child.Hang a silk canopy over the bed and a play corner fill toys made of natural materials.Excellent fit and the designer of sawn oshkurennyh branches basket with acorns and cones, silk scarves of different colors, dolls and handmade machines.Give up, at least temporarily, from talking toys, puzzles and plastic designers, it will benefit your child's imagination.

6. Corner seasons

Take in the apartment space for a table, which will affect what happens in nature.Let it spring from the cotton snow hatch primroses paper summer "fly" butterfly autumn toy hedgehog and rabbit playing in the autumn leaves, and in winter in a den sleeping bear.Try to toy animals suited to each other in size and looked like the real thing.Use natural materials for installation and change them every 2-3 weeks.All this will make your child more observant and will give you a new topic of conversation.

7. Spend Waldorf birthday

most important thing in this day - make it special and memorable, tell your child how much he means to you.In the evening tie next to the crib so many balloons as a child turns age, and let the morning he wakes up, take them in hand and jumped off the bed with them to their new year.Stick the star on the floor of the foil that will lead your child to the table with a beautifully packaged gifts.Invite a few close friends of the child, put him into a makeshift throne, and guests - around, hoisted the hero of the occasion to head the crown, and tell a story about the birth of your family, the birth of the baby and its achievements in different years.Cook with your child small little presents for the guests, who will present it to everyone before departing.

8. Change the attitude to applied studies with children

If your sessions with children modeling, drawing and other handicraft are in the style of the teacher-student, and the student was not eager to work, change the scheme.Get creative themselves.Choose simple crafts that you really captivate.And proceed.It is important that you be sincere and not trying to attract children.And perhaps not the first time, but he would he would want to join you.

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