Heroes of children's nightmares and teen fantasies in sculptures Clara Kristalovoy

human figure, completely concealed under a layer of white feathers, the dark twins holding hands, a young girl with a slot for the crown on the back - these transgressive creatures inhabit children's nightmares, the dark folk stories and work of Swedish artist Klara Kristalovoy (Klara Kristalova).Her glazed figurines pull out the dark inside story of innocent children's fairy tales and remind the cruel fears that accompany the light of growing time.

Kristalova Clara was born in Czechoslovakia, but now lives and works in Sweden.Her work is similar to material imprint of consciousness skeptical but curious child who is not yet fully realized, where the frame between fantasy and reality.As heroes of fairy tales at night that seamlessly migrated into dreams and eventually become indistinguishable from the real memories, characters Clara live in the border zone between childhood and adulthood.

«Among other topics, which I develop an important place in my current work occupy different changes and transformations that occur to people during adolescence - explains the artist.- Most of my work about girls who are engaged in different activities, or experiencing different emotional states.Scenes come to me naturally and I am not inclined to think a long time, why it happens that way.In fact, my girls - people person, I would say - a symbolic figure designating any person. "

Currently Clara Kristalovoy works presented at the exhibition "Quite a big girl» («Big Girl Now»), for which the artist intentionally selected the only female characters, in response to persistent questions, why is it so often portrays girls.All the character of the show is very different children, teenage girls, adult women, young girls.Yet the exhibition turned out not so much of a weak field, as a period of transition, ready to make a step towards something new, leaving some things in the past.

Sculptures Clara Kristalovoy transmit the special children's desire to be frightened (if, of course, then there is someone to reassure and comfort), which is expressed in the retelling of horror stories before going to bed, night raids at the cemetery or in an abandoned house and bringing about any evil, the desire is still nezaderevenevshegomind and unbridled fantasy a reality check for durability.But there is in them and truly minor notes."It's hard to imagine happiness without sadness.If my work does not have dark motives to me it seems boring.And, of course, as a child, along with a bright and cheerful, always a dark and eerie, "- explains Clara.

Articles Source: kulturologia.ru