How many subjects in Russia today

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State building - a process long and complicated.For centuries Russia was developing as a unitary state.Management of the whole territory was carried out from a single administrative center.Such a device was until 1917.As a result of dramatic political reforms changed the structure of government.Today not even remember all the politicians, as subjects in the Russian Federation was registered in 1991.At first glance it may seem that this number does not matter.

However, from the standpoint of management theory, the lower the number of objects that account have a regulating effect, the less resources required to maintain control.In this context, the question of how many in the Russian federation subjects, sounds very important.When the hard administrative management mechanism all areas in the state have a unified structure.The administration of each province should work departments of education and health, industry and agriculture.Knowing how much the subjects in the Russian Federation, can be calculated and the need for specialists in the number of major areas.

Cooking these specialists can be based on several specialized schools.But it should be considered as subjects in the Russian Federation have the status, and how much - the other.Depending on the status of the construction and management system.To date, the Russian Federation, there are 46 provinces and 21 republics.When assessing these indicators raises the question: "What is the qualitative difference between these subjects"?In order to get a clear explanation, it is not necessary to go into the ins and outs.For centuries, the Russian Empire united different peoples.

As time evolved, not only science and technology, and social relationships.At a certain moment in history all people living within the boundaries of the empire, were able to issue their independence.Thus, the country appeared on the map of the republic, autonomous regions and municipalities.That is why the answer to the question about how many entities within the Russian Federation, requires more detailed information.After all, each individual area has its individual characteristics.In such circumstances, the application of unified management techniques may not always be appropriate.

If you ask how many subjects in Russia today, the answer is easy to find - the total number equals 89. They are placed on a vast territory.When in the capital just wake up in Kamchatka have completed business day.Managing such a state through democratic mechanisms is very difficult.Given these circumstances, all the subjects were grouped in the so-called federal districts.The creation of such entities has one goal - to improve the quality of governance.What period is required in order to get real results from the reforms is hard to say.To date, the process of formation of state structures is not yet complete.