Why he shot General Morev?

death of any human being - a tragedy for the people close to him, relatives and friends.The hardest time is it in the case if the deceased died not of natural causes such as old age, or because of a serious illness, from which, alas, no one is immune.Even an accident, no matter how ridiculous it may be, is perceived by others is not as painful as suicide.Most of our fellow citizens believe such a departure from the sinful life, sharing the view of the church on this issue.And it becomes much wider resonance, when it happens to a man known, occupies a prominent and responsible post.In August 2011, in his office of personal weapons shot Morev General, head of the FSB in the Tver region.Immediately crept ominous rumors ...

Early Years

about how man was a senior counterintelligence officer, can be judged by his record.General Morev worked in the KGB from the beginning of the eighties.The test of prospective employees involved in the management staff of this very serious organization.You can have different attitudes to the communist ideology and the Soviet-collective farm system;now point to the mistakes and crimes of the party apparatus is not only forbidden, but even considered good form.But even the most active dissidents could not deny the high professional and moral qualities of the KGB.They really did not take bribes, they were honest and engaged in the ground (at least in the late Soviet period) is not spying on political jokes storytellers."Committee members" opposed to foreign intelligence services, engaged in the same years of his youth (he was 24) and General Morev his biography contains information about personal involvement in the arrest of several foreign spies, and in the act.

Education security officer demonstrates his high intellectual level, he successfully graduated from the Krasnoyarsk University, majoring in aerospace orientation.

service FSB

Morev General Konstantin A. after the collapse of USSR went into business as many of his colleagues, and kept in the difficult early years of independence Russia to engage in the same work, which was done earlier.His efforts have noticed, was summoned to Moscow and then sent to the Republic of Sakha, where local gangs have established the sale of drugs, speculated ore and diamond-trafficking weapons.Apparently, General Morev coped with successfully.Then, out of the cold and remote province was transferred to a "warm edge".Having headed the FSB in 2007 in Tver region, counter-intelligence under the direction of the security officer of the old school a year before his tragic death to solve the case of the "Nevsky Express".Then the terrorists blew up a train (killing 28 people).16 participants in the crime were arrested and convicted eight more when trying to resist destroyed on the spot.This impressive victory FSB is reflected in the premium sheets, including the name of KA Moreva.During the service, he became a Knight of the Order "For Merit" of two degrees and mark Fellow counterintelligence.


news that General Morev shot, plunged in sad amazement of all who knew him.The deceased was known as a brave man, cheerful, sociable and bright.Yet the old man (a little over fifty), strong and healthy, which occupies a considerable position, he enjoyed success with women.In Soviet times, his personal life could be the subject of the party bureau - he divorced three times and four times married.For such a commitment to diversity, if not the security officer could "poperet" with fasting, it certainly would limit his career.Wood to the fire of gossip throw on the fact that his wife was the last employee of the Office of the Governor Dmitry Zelenin area.Wedding This somehow seems to influence the successful career of Maya (now Moreva): The assistant she became head of the administration.And then Zelenin removed.

history and in fact, at first glance, compromises the head of the regional department of the Federal Security Service, however, is unlikely because it would have sent the pistol to his temple, General Morev (the cause of death - a gunshot wound, incompatible with life).Even if it was in a precarious career of his wife, that person probably would have left a note that would explain his terrible act, but he did not.

hypothesis Nikolaev

possible versions of events that preceded the fatal shot, was the result of journalistic investigation conducted by blogger Savely Nikolayev.True is the name or fictitious - it is not known how and how they fair presentation materials.Some of them are verifiable through open sources, others are likely on circumstantial evidence, and still others are not supported by anything.However, because of the persistent silence of official media, is considered as the only hypothesis Nikolaev, though how plausibly explain why suicide General Morev.

Mysterious Mr. Darsaniya

almost two years before the tragic events of the regional office of the chief FAK visited one of the directors of the company with nothing telling name "Price Inform".In fact, such a meeting would be unlikely because of "the difference between weight categories" - as they say, not the level.But General Morev firmachi took, apparently, someone, as they say in Odessa, "asked for it".Moreover, the recommendation was so impressive that the request was made guest without unnecessary formalities, and it was a license for works related to state secrets.Average flow of documentation takes time for the quarter, and a piece of paper was needed as soon as possible (business ideas).Called Advocate Solomon Aleksandrovich, the name he was Georgian - Darsaniya.There would be an experienced security officer guard, do not rush to check all, as in the old KGB-dominated years, but after a call from the Federal Agency for State Property Management-friendly persistently demanded assistance, and refuse was somehow inconvenient and waste time, too.In short, SA Darsaniya license received.

Ukrainian trace

Here, in the best traditions of the detective, there is no less mysterious character by the name Piskur.His license was not needed, he is quite satisfied with the fact that she be present at Darsaniya rather the firm "Price Inform" with which his company "Spetsotsenka" had commercial ties.Nikolaev insists that the two businessmen, in addition to the business, there were still some relationship previously called unnatural, and today is considered quite normal.However, it is the matter has nothing to do, as to the question of why go to such a terrible act, General Morev (why was shot), but the Ukrainian and Georgian citizenship Piskureva Darsaniya raises questions.Countries whose passports are in the pockets of persons involved, in recent years, leading towards Russia unfriendly policy.But that's not all.In fact, even having the secret drawings of Russian development (we are talking about modern combat helicopters Ka-52 missiles of "Igla", "Cornet" and other equipment), Ukrainian, Georgian and even more so the industry is unlikely to have mastered their release.The value of these materials pose to American "friends", such as the company "Lockheed", which cooperates with "Spetsotsenka" Piskureva ...


Whatever it was, but the fact is that in 2011,he committed suicide General Morev.Photo in mourning frame and obituaries published a newspaper, the deceased was buried with full honors in Abakan (Krasnoyarsk Territory), his friends and family mourned.The circumstances of the tragedy, and now remain secret, which indicates that the veil of mystery is still to early to shoot the story.The fate of citizens with dual citizenship, to do their business in the cooperation with the Russian defense industry is also unclear.Do I need to know about it all, or rather the fact that the matter involved the FSB?Probably, the staff of this service should not trust - they know their jobs and are mostly performed on its conscience.