The matrix of the SWOT-analysis

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One of the most popular tools integrated assessment of the company is the matrix of SWOT.It is often prepared in a variety of business plans, investment projects and marketing programs.Data obtained as a result of its analysis, serve as a starting point for the formulation of the strategic goals of the company.SWOT Matrix has become popular due to the fact that it allows you to quickly and visually assess the place of the company in the current market conditions, which factors most affect its profit, what the prospects are waiting for her in the future.In addition, for the correct use of the instrument does not need to be an economist or a certified marketer.Important in the analysis - not a "crust" of the diploma and the ability to take an objective look at the organization, the ability to think logically and look at the issues without prejudice and self-interest.

SWOT-matrix: what it is

beginning decipher the abbreviated name of this technique.This abbreviation (acronym), the English words: "strength" (strength, force), "weakness" (weakness), "opportunities" (opportunity, if possible), and "threats" (translated as a threat).SWOT matrix is ​​a square divided into four equal parts, each of which contains a list and is responsible for a certain group of the above factors.In this sector «S» and «W» characterize the state of the company and the sector «O» and «T» contains external factors beyond the control of operation of the company, but directly affecting or likely to affect its activities.

matrix of the SWOT-analysis: the case of the construction of

suppose there is a certain company "Patty", which has 10 years of experience on the Russian market and produces confectionery.The company has only one proprietor and good reputation.In the simplest form of a table for analysis might look like.


  1. own service center.
  2. new top manager of sales, an increase over the last half year sales by 40%.
  3. excellent credit history.
  4. Create 2 months ago, the marketing department.
  5. positive image.


  1. shortage of working capital.
  2. Quality Problems (sometimes it is below average).
  3. Increase in turnover (for the last 3 months - 10%).
  4. constant conflict between the purchasing department (old boss) and Sales (new).


  1. introduction of CRM.
  2. Creating new brands.
  3. Reduced service time and improving service.
  4. Get discounts from regular suppliers.


  1. rumors about changes in policy providers.
  2. Shifting the dollar.
  3. emergence of a new, increasingly popular, a competitor.

versatile tool

SWOT Matrix is ​​convenient and versatile, to apply it in their daily lives.After analyzing all the factors, we can better understand how to move forward in terms of career, improve their lives and become happier.You can use it to solve many problems in life, to find the best and most appropriate way out of the impasse.Try it yourself - and you will see how useful it can be.One of the key advantages of the matrix - concentration on the essentials.This helps to clearly see the whole picture and to plan the next goal in my life.