How to change the age in Origin, if necessary?

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Today, there are few of the most popular platforms on which you can collect the game, and to play them.The most popular right now is Steam, and in second place is Origin.If the first belongs to one of the largest business igrodelcheskogo Valve, the second - EA.And there are many reasons why "Origin" is in second place.The first is far fewer games available for purchase, as well as more limited opportunities and much more.Most gamers do not like "Origin" for what is not there at all is no way to customize your account, even at a basic level.If the "TRIMS" you can choose the country in which you live, for you to display the desired price and you can buy the game in the local currency, the location is automatically determined and not always correct.Also worth noting is the problem with age - in the "incentive" can be changed at any time, but in the "origin" of this can be done.Therefore, the network often have questions about how to change the age of Origin.

age limits for games

Some gamers may wonder about why bother to learn how to change the age of Origin.The reason is simple - the fact that many computer games have age limits, and if your age it does not match, then you simply will not be allowed to play in such a project.Of course, everyone would like to be able to play in a product, for which he paid the money - another glitch creators of "Origin", which could withdraw the notification of non-compliance of age limits before buying.Or even when the user visits the page of the game (as it is implemented in the "incentive").However, the message about the impossibility of starting the game only comes when she has bought, so gamers will immediately begin to ask questions about how to change the age of Origin.

Change hand

For those who want to learn about how to change the age at Origin in an existing account, there is bad news - you can not do this in principle.That is, if you registered deviated age, you no longer will be able to change it - to the account settings does not even have a chance.Accordingly, you will have to give up the desire to play in any project that does not fit your age.Of course, if your age does not match, then the current account you have no chance, until you are 18 years old.However, if you just make a mistake in entering upon registration, then for you there is still a chance to find out how to change the age of Origin.

contact technical support

If you are sealed when injected your age when registering your account in the system, you can still learn how to change the age of Origin.To do this you need to contact tech support by email, in a special chat or by phone.There you have to leave the application that you want to change your data, and then to provide evidence that you already have 18 years - for example, a scan of your passport, which shows what your age is other than those specified in your profile.Thereafter Ticket agents themselves will change your age, and you can easily play all the projects without restrictions.Now you know how to change the age of Origin, so do not worry if you made a typo, and then not found in the settings option to manually change the age - it can be done through technical support.

Change Account

Many wonder how to find out the age at Origin, in order to understand whether it is suitable for certain games.Unfortunately, this can not be done, so you better remember what you used to create your account.In any case, you have the opportunity to create a new account, where you can specify any at all ages, even if it will not fit your passport.So all the best to pinpoint the beginning.Otherwise you will have to create a new account and your old will remain the games that you will not be able to play until you reach adulthood.This method, of course, is an option of last resort, as it is not very easy to start all over again, start a new collection, when you want to try to purchase here and now.