Strife - a lack of understanding of the parties , which often develops into a military conflict.Strife in the world and in Russia

When it comes to power and money, people often unscrupulous, ruthless and aggressive.They are trying to tear off a piece of the pie bigger, so often sacrifice the principles and friendship.There are scandals, conflicts, and sometimes war.If the arms are taken by representatives of a caste, community or state, it is a real tragedy.

concept and its importance

strife - this is a misunderstanding, a clash of interests and views, which often develops in the conflict.For the weapons taken people of the same nationality, religion, education.They live in a common country, but in different regions, provinces, districts.Dissension - cyclical phenomenon.They have always been and will die only with the destruction of mankind.For a place in the sun constantly fought European feudal lords in the Dark Ages.Similar wars were fought between the emirs of Syria, the Duke of the Holy Roman Empire - in Germany, the noble clans Taira and Minamoto - in Japan, the princes of the same blood - in England.

strife - is always a tragedy.Often the person on the battlefield can be found in the ranks of the enemy of his father, neighbor, friend.In every country where such conflicts occur, they played a different role.But the result was always disappointing.Even if you manage to conquer the earth, noble rulers on the throne and to put justice achieved end does not justify the loss.After dying loved ones, brothers by blood.

strife in Russia

Nowadays, there are also strife - the differences between the political parties, leaders, public figures, the regions in the state.If between them there is an armed conflict, it is called a civil war, separatism or rebellion.Such conflicts in our state have been since the days of Kievan Rus.Prince Igor, for example, for many years tried to stifle the uprising Drevlyane who were dissatisfied with the policy of the governor.

Many quarrels arose after the death of the great Mstislav, the eldest son of Vladimir Monomakh.Then create a huge effort ancestral state is literally falling apart.People living in nearby towns, killing each other, looted the village and set fire to the house.Strife - is always a tragedy.But if the other princes - Rurik, Oleg, Igor, Vladimir, Yaroslav the Wise - they were more moderate, after the death of Mstislav came really troubled times.Russia has been torn apart into pieces by different ethnic groups.


strife - this is the beginning of the end.If power is not strong, intelligent and self-confident ruler, able to suppress the rebellion and pacify the discontented, Power breaks, and ceases to exist.What happened later with Kievan Rus.