Supervisor - who he is, where he came from and why you need

Supervisor.Who is this, it is not immediately clear, as the word of the Russian language for a new, unusual and is borrowing from foreign vocabulary.The meaning of such imports of foreign words becomes clear as soon as they will be able to understand what lies behind such an unusual and respectable concept.

abroad this position there for a long time, and already there is no question, "Supervisor - who it is and what it does?".This is due primarily to the fact that in Western countries there is a market economy for more than a half century, while in Russia and the CIS transformation from a planned to a competitive market were held not so long ago, only some twenty years ago.

It is the appearance of mass producers, as well as those who are implementing their products, led to the formation of concepts and, consequently, the position of "Supervisor of sales representatives."Most of the people occupying this place provides the points come true products.If you simplify (to be more specific issues have arisen "supervisor - who is it and why you need it"), it turns out that it is a simple manager that is not tied to a particular point, and move between them and to organize the work of the lowest, according to the hierarchy of the company,workers.

If the Russian reality, this word evokes a certain respect, because it sounds very mysterious, something abroad do not.There's that name called line managers of the lowest order, who have a minimum of privileges and maximum responsibility.The salary of a man is built on the basis of how many sales made in the field under his control.

In Russia, the main distribution of such positions occurred in the field of mobile services.There exists a lot of small firms engaged in the implementation of sim-cards from certain operators through a network of small dots on one person, placed in the busiest parts of the city.There is a kind of a laborer supervisor, who most of the time has been transported promotional products and installation of stands, from which will be distributing it, and in the remaining hours, he is looking for new people who will work on these points.The salary of the "head" can sometimes be less than the standard rate of his subordinate, as the level of sales and the number of rarely high.

When there is an interview for a supervisor, especially in a small company, you must appear in the right light.First of all, you should highlight your skills head, referring to past experience and, preferably, demonstrating its presence.Rational judgment and charisma - the main virtue in conversation with the future boss, since many of them will try to precipitate the applicant to understate the salary bar.And most importantly - should show their understanding of the position of "supervisor" - who it is, what it does and what is needed.This will enable the auxiliary do not work, and become small, but still a leader.