Analysis of the main assets of the company and its application

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main means considered tangible and intangible assets that are used in the production of goods and services, while remaining in their original form.The structure of fixed assets consists of various buildings and facilities, warehouses, roads, devices that transmit different types of energy, vehicles, equipment for the production of goods or services, tools and green spaces.

The main features of fixed assets are:

1. The object is meant for the production of products or services.

2. Object involved in the creation of goods or services over 12 months.

3. The object is not for resale.

4. The object is to bring the company a profit.

plant and equipment from the point of view of management accounting are divided into productive and non-productive.Analysis of the main assets of the company, as a rule, applies to those that are used in production, that is production.For non-productive are those that do not participate in the production cycle of manufacturing products, however, improve the condition of the social infrastructure.

With a certain frequency, timing is established by the management or owners, the analysis of fixed assets.This analysis is intended for senior management of the company or enterprise as well as mid-level managers.It helps to understand how the current production provided the resources to develop the necessary volumes of production, how long used fixed assets, the extent to which they are involved in the production, and which of them needs to be replaced due to technical and obsolescence.To find out how the company secured asset used indicators such as the capital-labor ratio.The index of capital productivity helps to understand how great the return on fixed assets used in production.

analysis of the main assets of the company begins with a study of the major indicators of the availability of funds, their movements and means of studying the structure and its changes.Once clarified the full picture of the presence and structure, proceed with the next phase of the analysis.Analysis of the movement of the main assets of the company is to find out what the main means of continuing to participate in the production cycle which have been decommissioned, and which shall be subject to the conclusion.Also, this analysis helps to solve financial questions about which financial costs are coming to the enterprise for the acquisition of new assets or total conversion in order to improve product quality and technological cycle.

All these indicators are calculated the economic division of the company.Held officers of the analysis of fixed assets assists management in making such decisions as the need to replace equipment, expansion or reduction of production volumes, capacity utilization efficiency of enterprises, the profitability of the enterprise as a whole and the profitability of production, increase or reduction of jobs, the need for the conversion of production capacities,or complete replacement of new equipment for more efficient operation of the enterprise.