Regime penal colony.

penal colony in Russia called a kind of institutions whose purpose is to ensure punishment persons sentenced by a court decision to imprisonment under age.

Depending on the category of crime, the extent and the nature of public danger, there are several kinds of places for prisoners.

Types penal colonies

Depending on the hardness of detention conditions, there are several types of colonies.This prisons with a special, strict and common regime.It is also a penal colony.

In institutions with a specific mode of the content can be created separate sections with different standards.For example, in the establishment of a strict regime can exist plot with the general regime of detention.We consider these in more detail.


These institutions are those convicted of crimes that have occurred through negligence.Also, there are prisoners who were transferred from the colonies of strict or general regime.And yet - for the illegal acts of medium or low severity (provided that the person has not previously been sentenced to imprisonment).


general regime penal colony in Russia have several groups of prisoners:

1. Those convicted of intentionally committing a serious crime, have not deprived of their liberty by a court decision.

2. Those who are transferred from a court settlement colony due to violation of the established order in the institution.

3. Convicted of full age and converted into a penal colony with a general regime.

4. Prisoners who have committed serious or especially serious illegal acts in the minors, he reached for the time to pass sentence.

5. Women who have committed crimes of particular gravity or grave (also including relapse).

6. Convicted repeatedly committed small or medium gravity illegal acts.It is also committed offenses by negligence, which the court has not sentenced to detention in a penal colony to a relapse.

7. Persons who have reached twenty-one years and translated by the decision of the chief of educational colony with a general regime establishment.

Prisons strict regime

in colonies with strict regime includes several categories of persons:

1. Convicts transferred to a court decision of a penal colony because certain violations of the order established in the colony.

2. Persons who have committed a crime of the utmost gravity.They had not deprived of their liberty by a court decision.

3. Persons who have served their sentence in an institution with a special regime is not less than half of the period and transferred to a colony of strict content.

4. Prisoners who have served in the prison sentence and convicted by a dangerous recidivist.

Prison special regime

In institutions such plan contains the convicts sentenced to life term in prison.There are and those who are in the order of pardon the death penalty commuted to life term.Also, people convicted of a crime of the utmost gravity.

women's penitentiary

gravity of the crime determines the conditions for the establishment and the regime established by a court verdict.Women's prison may be a common or strict regime, as well as a penal colony.

prison with strict regime of detention contain dangerous repeat offenders.In open prisons holding women who have committed crimes of medium or low severity.Also, they are there for illegal acts committed by negligence.There are women who have been transferred from more severe conditions of serving the sentence.Colonies with a general regime contains convicts who have committed crimes of the utmost gravity and grave offenses.

Any female penal colony includes strict lightweight and usual conditions penitentiary.

for all prisoners entering the prison, provided the content in conventional framework.

transfers to strict conditions of women who have committed premeditated crimes while in prison for violating a certain order.Also persons redirected from lightweight or normal conditions.

regime penal colony involves moving from strict conditions to normal.Translation is carried out not earlier than six months after completion of sentence, provided that no violation of the procedure on the part of the convicted person.

Change conditions of serving is only possible by the decision of the special commission.

regime penal colony

In these institutions convicts are held in special rooms - dorms isolated or closed sections.Inmates in prison are entitled to a monthly expenditure of a certain amount of funds from the individual account.Regime penal colony, depending on conditions, provides for the right of the convicted to six or two short visits per year.They are conducted by telephone.Long visits in the colony are provided in the number of two, four or six times a year.Convicts are entitled to receive parcels and packages.Their annual amount depends on the conditions of detention.

penal colony contains residential and industrial zones (for work).Also is there and cell-type premises, and punishment cells from the exercise yard.

living area is divided into three areas of content: relaxed, rigorous and conventional conditions.Convicted under certain requirements has the right to transfer from one to the other conditions of detention.All this is done on the basis of the decision of the special commission.

dormitory allowed, lightweight and normal conditions of detention.With strict rules of stay convicts are held in isolated lockable.

regime colony

in colonies with strict regime convicts are held in dormitories.The conditions are strict, lightweight, and usually with the ability to transfer from one environment to another.Convicts are entitled to spending funds in the personal account.Amount due to the expenditure depends on the conditions of detention.Also convicted, depending on the conditions of detention shall be entitled to two, three or four short visits and three, four or two long;four, six or two parcels and four, six, or two parcels per year.

Strict conditions on the content provide accommodation convicted in lockable, increased control and supervision.Significantly limits their freedom of movement, increases the degree of isolation.

Differences correctional colony of strict regime from general

colony of strict regime and the general have significant differences from one another.In order to study them, we use a table.

Common mode content

strict regime of detention

serving his sentence the men who have committed serious crimes, while not having a criminal record.Also - the women in offenses of the utmost gravity, serious, including relapse.

serving a sentence a man previously held criminally responsible for the crimes of the utmost gravity, with recidivism (if not previously sentenced to imprisonment).

Conditions for content: lightweight, standard and strict.

Contents under: lightweight, standard and rigorous.

Under normal conditions of regime penal colony convicts provides accommodation in dormitories;allowed to spend money on a monthly basis to accounts in the amount of three minimum wages;allowed six short and four long visits per year;allowed to receive six parcels and the same premises or transfers a year.

Under normal conditions of prisoners: living in dormitories;month are entitled to spend money to accounts in the amount of two minimum wages;They have the right to three long and three short visits and to receive four parcels or packages and four assists for the year.

Content in the colony at easier conditions includes: accommodation in the dormitories of convicts;permission to spend a month with the personal accounts of funds without restrictions;six long and the same number of short visits during the year;the right to receive twelve packages, parcels or the same number of gears in a year.

By decision of the head of the penal colony for six months before the expiry of a prisoner may be released from custody, allowing you to work and live outside the penal colony.For those convicted supervises the administration of the colony.

woman may be permitted to live outside the colony together with their children and family.

in alleviating conditions: live in dormitories;are entitled to waste (monthly) to accounts funds in the amount of three minimum wages;provided four long and short visits a year;have the right to receive six parcels or transmission and the same number of parcels per year.

penal colony under strict conditions of residence assumes convicts in locked rooms;accounts with the expenditure of not more than two minimum wages;bye - two long and short the same amount for the year;three parcels, three parcels or transfer in a year;daily hour and a half walk.Enjoy the same rights and women.

When the content under stringent conditions: convicts kept in locked premises;from personal accounts, they are allowed to spend money in the amount of one minimum wage;There are two long and one short meeting per year;It is allowed to receive two parcels and parcels or transfer;Daily walk one and half hours.