What does the word "Pandora".

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Of all the characters in Greek mythology, Pandora is characterized by the fact that more than it turned out to be the most famous of her descendants box.Which is not recommended to open.For a long time few people remember who it was such.But a warning: "Do not open Pandora's box!"- It sounds very convincing at all times and under any circumstances.And what does the word "Pandora"?It is worth to recall is sometimes some people from the pantheon of ancient gods.They deserve some respect.

What does the word "Pandora"

The word of several meanings, but they all come from the name of a character in Greek mythology, the daughter of Erechtheus and Praksifei.This girl is not noted in the sacred history meritorious deeds, and if it became known, it is only because of their stupidity and curiosity.The fact that the supreme deity of the Greek pantheon, Zeus almighty thunder, she was entrusted to the storage chest in which were made all the human misery, troubles and problems.Opens it, she had no right, under any circumstances, without the special guidance of the sacred higher administration.But the girl's curiosity overcame categorical prohibition.And ominous chest was open.A little bit, just to be able to look with one eye.But from that moment mankind has learned what the word "Pandora".And her drawer.If not for this curious girl, we would live without any problems and what would not be needed.And what are the reasons not to believe the Greek mythology?The meaning of "Pandora" ever appeared related to the whole of humanity with the competent box, which she has kept.This vivid image of ancient Greece has been the third millennium live in the consciousness of humanity.He has found a large number of reflections and refractions in the field of literature and arts.Basically, it is interpreted as the embodiment of something sinister and terrible, from what should stay at maximum distance.That is why the image of Pandora attracted poets and artists of all directions from the ancient times to the present day.And to treat it is not always clear.

What is the "Pandora" in astronomy and conjugate with her areas

In the world there are real outer space objects, named after a silly girl from ancient mythology.It is the eighth moon of Saturn and the remoteness of a wandering asteroid 55 Pandora.Collision with him face real disasters.But more often it occurs in the name of the virtual, literary and cinematic space.What does the word "Pandora", there is no need to explain to play computer games, it is the name in the virtual space is quite popular.The planet Pandora is an action Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar."Just on a different planet, but with exactly the same name as the action unfolds a series of science fiction novels of the famous Soviet Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.But in these books Pandora appears more mysterious than uniquely sinister.For the main characters is the object of knowledge and research.