My experience in buying e-books.

books or e-books?

a long time I did not dare to buy an e-book, because he was a supporter of the classic book on paper.The paper book you can hear the rustle of turning villages, occasionally the smell of printer's ink.

While searching information about e-books became clear that this is not a new invention, as the technology of electronic paper has long been invented, but the e-book has appeared not long ago.

When I decided to buy an e-book, read many articles in various forums and eReader.He came to the choice of what to buy a better company "PosketBook" and did bought a small model of the "360" for convenience of transport (in the pocket).

book is very convenient and easy to use, built-in memory which can accommodate about 1,000 knig- it pleases because before bought books in the stores and in the past month to spend large sums of money, another big plus-capacity battery is surely that can not be charged about 1months.

the first day of purchase where there was a poser and download books?First came across sites asking to reset SMS to download or transferred for viewing ads, frankly annoying is downloading.Then I find a good website called "Open Library" this is a link http://sharedbook.ru/.On this site a large number of books in electronic format, and even in different languages.

So fans of the books advise to buy an electronic reader, and that is very important from the e-book does not hurt the eyes, at least the company «Pocketbook».

If you calculate how much money we spend in one year, and how much is an e-book, it turns out the cost of the electronic media is not great.In the future, there are plans to translate the teaching in schools and universities in the electronic format, e-book where one can replace the mountain textbooks, but so far it only plans.This program is one drawback - the price. Although I can suggesting the Ministry of Education to transfer this cost on the shoulders of parents.In the near future we will see.

Now Electronics is developing by leaps and bounds and it is likely in the near future we will see electronic reader at a price ordinary books bookstall, and then it will really boom in reading, as it will be available to any literature in electronic format, and to find this literature can be the touchthe mouse on the link "download".

books or e-books?The choice is yours.

Enjoy your reading.