When you open sky on Epiphany

For the people Christ - above all a man who was able to go through great trials of fate and remain always cheerful and good-natured towards others.

Epiphany - a rite that helped to merge with Jesus "holy heaven" and opened for people to another, the bright side of the world.Since then, it has become a whole tradition, and to this day people turn to God is through this practice.

When you open sky on Epiphany?This question bothers many people because only at this point, you can feel the power of the holy sacrament.

origins holiday

preaching the Gospel According to St. John, who lived in the Jordan River, Joshua asking him to baptize (at that time he was already 30 years old).

He was surprised to see such an adult man, who asked him about it, but still began to perform the rite.During the sacrament of holy heaven opened, from which came the voice of God.He said that now the beloved Son Jesus, and let him come blessing.

Since thus far been made public because of John the messianic mission of Jesus.Sacrament Rite and the open sky on Epiphany, was the first manifestation of the sacred servant-canons.

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After this kind of custom, John began to promote the event among the common people, mastering new territories.

Ancient Baptism

After Christ back into society, he told the mystery of his brethren, and began to preach the orthodox religion and prayers in public squares of the city.

At a time when the open sky on Epiphany, the water takes on the power of the whole, and shed the light of God.Jesus led his people to the river and carried out this ritual on all comers.

After this man became one step closer to the Almighty forgiveness and was cleared of all the evil of sin, which he had made.

baptized also assumes all the way of Christ, thus after his resurrection awaited.

main condition for this ritual is faith and repentance.Those who led force in order to rid of the evil one, in advance doomed to failure.If a person is an atheist, even holy water will not help him.

The age sacrament

If you bring a child to baptism, then obviously you need to know that parents must first undergo the rite of purification and repentance, thereby cleanse themselves of negative influence and a bad energy.

open sky on Epiphany will symbolize that the ritual will bring maximum protection for your offspring and give him unprecedented power.

If the threshold of the church crosses an adult, he has to realize his entire life and traveled alone to come to the sacrament of confession.Only then the father will be able to carry out the rite of baptism and to deliver protection against the negative influence of the underworld.

main traditions in the great day of the feast, when all the waters of the world are saints, people try to clear your mind with the help of bathing in the sacred hole.When the heavens opened Baptism, namely, on the night of January 19, according to the Orthodox calendar, the nation pays tribute to his God, asking for forgiveness and pray for the health of their neighbors.

Jordanian water that flow to many sources of the world, bring peace and tranquility to the soul, who at least some time to touch him.People who baptized that day, doomed to eternal happiness and a strong defense.Also, the river waters flow back and show significant changes in the natural cycle, which is one of the miracle of the holy sacrament.

In such a momentous day when the sky opens to the desires on Epiphany, people to think simple, but at the same time, very important things.Basically it is not material things because God despises money requests and performs.Here at the forefront health, love and peace, as well as the birth of an heir.

Riddle holy spring

When Baptism opened the heavens, all the fresh river endowed healing power, but sometimes this is not enough, and requires additional lighting with the help of prayer.The Gospel was spelled two ways: great and small vodoosvyascheniya.

first type of ordinances performed in the evening on the eve of the holiday, which praises the exploits of Christ, and put the protection from evil spirits, which can penetrate through transparent sources per person.At the end of the ceremony is immersed in the water three times blessed the cross and recite prayers.

When you open sky on Baptism, the sacrament becomes increasingly important as the earthly worship of Christ the Savior, and really give the sacred powers of healing and calming effect.

Rite small vodoosvyascheniya held every month.It also give glory to Christ, prayers and purify themselves and the space of negativity.And in the same way the event is carried out on the eve of the holy feasts, for example - Easter.Here water also symbolizes eternal life and youth, but it has added all kinds of liturgy and hymns.

Icons images

When you open sky on Baptism, all the faithful are turning not only to holy water, but also to the writings and paintings grace.After all, God's light is shed from heaven, only those people who honor the memory of Jesus, referring to his image on icons.

from earlier images that were presented in the holy temples, is the image of Christ on the Rabbinic mosaics.The Saviour is presented naked, long hair, a beard is present, and the arms are lowered.He is immersed in water up to his waist, and on top of open sky, in which the Holy Spirit descends.

In the eleventh century frescoes depicting Christ and in the nude.The icon can be seen that when you open sky on Epiphany Saviour, then poured on top of the divine light, and angels descend.

also many images of the Holy Trinity and the Apostles, who were loyal assistants of Jesus.

Nowadays priest note that these icons are endowed with extraordinary power and can help in difficult times, when in front of them prayers.This applies to all days of the year, not just the Saints holidays.

Modern rites

In Russia, Baptism made to bathe in the "Jordanian hole" or in ordinary freshwater reservoirs.Advantageously, in this period of very cold, but people do not stop and they even for a few seconds, immersed in the source, where the sacred reigns over them, the open sky.In Baptism priests come from different churches and saints pre-hole for the best curative effect.

In ancient times, in such ceremonies attended "open" sinners, those who resorted to divination or sorcery.It was believed that with such a cleansing out all evil, which is freely walked the Earth.

Prohibited actions

As previously stipulated in such a feast of divination prohibited church, as periods of holy days are considered borderline.In these crucial moments of evil quite actively trying to get back to Earth, and the open sky on Epiphany helps her in this.It may take the appearance of an angel and infiltrate the lives of ordinary people.So if you still want to tell fortunes, in the period of strict holy holidays should not be doing this.