Where to complain to the employer and how to do it correctly?

often between employer and employee disputes and conflicts related to violation of labor laws and workers' rights.Unscrupulous employers may infringe the rights of the employee, such as forcing him to work overtime without pay, without releasing the employee laid refusing to pay for a vacation or sick leave.Unfortunately, such illegal acts are committed frequently.Almost anyone can encounter in the workplace in violation of his rights, so he should know where to complain to the employer.

What are the rights of the worker may be harmed?

Disputes in the employment relationship may arise in connection with the following violations of the Labour Code:

  • non-discharge of the labor contract;
  • unpaid wages: according to Art.136 TC RF wages should be paid regularly, every two weeks, on the day indicated by the employment contract or working procedure regulations;
  • long delay of wages;
  • lack of proper overtime pay, overtime, go on holidays and weekends;
  • "black" wage ("envelope");
  • delay in holiday pay, as well as violations of the rights of the employee to provide his annual holiday with pay;
  • dismissal - late issuance of employee his employment record.

To complain about an employer infringes the rights of the employee?

in Russia, a special body that supervises and monitors compliance with labor laws.It is called the Federal Labour Inspectorate.This institution has been conducting inspections of employers, is receiving letters, statements, complaints about violations of labor rights and take measures to eliminate them.

Where to complain to the employer and how to do it correctly?

If your rights are violated by the employer, you are entitled to make a complaint and send it to the labor inspectorate.The main thing is that your document has been drawn up correctly: it should be clearly set out the facts of the violation and your requests.The document to be delivered the correct number and signature.The treatment must be the initials of the applicant's mailing address and / or email.If you want to complain to the employer and to be sure that will satisfy your request, attach to the letter any documents or materials that can confirm your words.This could be an employment contract, work book, certificate of indebtedness (salary) and so on. Your complaint will be considered a specialist labor inspectorate, and you get an answer to the appeal.Terms of consideration range from 30 to 40 days.So, if you think your rights have been violated, and you can not settle the dispute amicably with the employer, do not sit idly by.You have to know where to complain to the negligent employer and how to do it correctly.Feel free to write an application to the State Labour Inspectorate, and after review by the inspector will check to be sure your workplace.Remember that you can send the complaint by post, through the official website or bring it in person.The exact name of the inspection and the address you can easily found on the portal of the institution.We hope that now you will be able to defend their interests and know where to complain to the employer.If your problem can not be solved with the help of experts of the State Labour Inspectorate, or you will not be able to protect their own rights, we advise you to go to a consultation with a lawyer.Often, the first consultation is free.Be sure to seek qualified assistance in case of serious debt employer before you, such a thing would be considered the Arbitration Court.An experienced specialist will help you and tell you where to complain to the employer.In case of satisfaction of your lawsuit, you will get all your money outstanding, and the employer will be imposed severe penalties.Feel free to protect your rights, contact and labor inspection, and the court - if necessary.