How to become a man of the spider: the right way

How to become Spider-Man, many teenagers thought after watching the same movie.In the film the young man got special abilities after being bitten by a radioactive insect.Outside the film this way anything good, is not likely to bring, because the poison spiders in many cases is fatal to humans.It protects us from the fact that spiders are not able to bite through human skin thick enough.

Therefore, we must come up with other ways of becoming a new man spider.It is, of course, buy the appropriate suit, but it will create only the appearance of the legendary hero.To learn climbing the walls, as in the movie, you can draw on the experience of the famous French climber Alain Robert, who with the help of some of hands and feet in six hours rose to the highest skyscraper ("Burj Dubai", 828 meters).

to a year before his fiftieth birthday accomplish such a feat, Alan began training at the age of twelve, watching movies about the great climbers of his time.Then he thought, how to become Spider-Man, as there were other heroes and values.But in our time, Robert A. received it a nickname.In addition to many years of work and a rare courage, the famous mountaineer has the appropriate physical data - it is small in stature (just over 1.5 meters) and has a low weight.

Those who are thinking how to become Spider-Man must first improve its physical form to which, perhaps, in the near future it will be possible to pick up some additions from the sphere of high technologies.Scientists have not yet learned to do "shooting" the web, built in the arm, but in terms of creating sverhlipkih materials they succeeded.

Based on the gecko lizard movement, representatives of the University of Akron created a surface with a plurality of nanotubes, which creates a strong grip.On a small piece of this film can hang an adult, that makes it impossible to create costumes for moving the walls and ceiling in the future.But without a well-developed muscles it will be impossible.Therefore, likely that these materials will be used for moving the robots in space.

question "how to become Spider-Man" are asking boys and the boys for over fifty years (the first comic book on the subject came out in 1962).Perhaps such a long popularity of the hero is not due to special effects, and the motives of his conduct.In all series Spiderman someone saves and fights against evil.You do not need a colorful costume and a special web.

«How to become a black Spider-Man" - a theme that is not so widely spread.This costume is a cinematic character wore in the last century (1984 to 1988).In all, there were four comic book character costume - from the traditional two-color black and white suit to a suit of armor, with new technical equipment.Regardless of the appearance, he never changed its nature - helping to protect the weak and oppressed.