What technique evaluates unfinished sentences?

in teaching practice there is always a need for psychological testing of students.Moreover, such a need may arise in any group work.One of the ways is the universal method of unfinished sentences.It allows you to not only better understand the students.It also makes it possible to seamlessly and efficiently carry out psychological and pedagogical diagnostics.Methods of unfinished sentences (test Sachs-Levy) helps to identify the problems that often do not even come to the conscious level.That is what the man himself is not aware.It reveals the deep conflicts of personality, it helps to understand the individual system of values ​​and attitudes.

essence of the method is quite simple.Methods of pending proposals is to subject she said or wrote the ending phrase.For example, "There is no love without ..." or "If I won a million, the first thing I would ...".Depending on what sphere we want to explore, you can invent an unlimited number of phrases.You can also ask the subject to not one but several answers.It will be important that what he proposed the first version.Methods of unfinished sentences can be used as a means of psychological testing, and as a standalone game.Particularly interesting it is possible to apply the lessons of foreign or Russian language.You can select the game for five or ten minutes at the end of the lesson.Another method is the method of "incomplete sentences" for children performed by the "chain".For example, you can begin to tell the tale.One participant starts to ice, and ends it with another.Then he utters his part of the proposal, which will complete the next player.The use of this technique helps not only to better understand the students, but also to take them off the voltage to create an atmosphere of goodwill and games.Use it and psychologists in a wide variety of purposes for people of all ages.For example, when applying for a job or for brainstorming technique can also be used "incomplete sentences".Interpreting it easy and affordable way to help understand the value orientation of the future employee, his expectations.

Such a test can be carried out repeatedly.The changes taking place with people as amenable to analysis, and can be detected by this technique.It is only clearly establish and define the criteria for interpretation.You can use the scale "sequence", "consistency", "creativity".That is the end of phrases can be assessed from various points of view.This technique will help to identify also the way of thinking.Sometimes it is used for the diagnosis of mental disorders, it is quite universal test that can be performed at any age group.Of course, the content should be adapted depending on the phrases with whom a psychologist or a teacher is dealing with.It is also important to articulate the job.The technique itself is unfinished sentences can include an unlimited number of phrases.It is also important to stress test that there is no and there can be "right" answers.But how much should be expanded response, whether it is the choice of the options (used less frequently) or an arbitrary completion, can further append text or be limited to one or two phrases are kindly requested to inform the subjects.If the criteria are quite free, the deployed, logic, associative statements are important parameters that can be used to assess the individual and his hidden problems.