Compatibility sign: Scorpio man - Cancer-woman

Scorpio man - Cancer-woman - a couple who live together long and happy life.If they come together, it is a strong, long and interesting alliance is sure to be created.However, as elsewhere, there are some pitfalls that can hinder the creation of a happy family.Scorpio - domineering personality and this quality it gave Saturn.Cancer is quite able to give him a strong resistance, that line gave him patron Moon.In addition, Scorpio - a constant sign, which will not allow your partner, which belongs to the cardinal signs, behave inappropriately.

Scorpio male, female cancer can be to each other such people who would not understand your partner.This may happen if they do not take into account peculiarities of each other.However, if there is a willingness and desire to be together, the harmony and understanding it is not so difficult to achieve.

male Scorpion is hardly something that can instill fear in this world.But he was constantly perplexed by seeing how his partner hesitates.She pulls the time stand still when the Scorpio has long been committed to the best action.He rejects the slowness of this forgetting that not only active actions can bring results.

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Female Cancer acts exactly as it should be, and yet yields results that surprise even decisive Scorpio.It is like a predator - can hide before the jump, and then makes a decisive action, tuned with great precision, to get the desired result.The main thing that it does not elect urged his faithful.Of course, he'll need time to get used to such methods are alien to him.But it is not necessary to condemn, or a pair of "Scorpio man - Cancer-woman" come to an end.She's very vulnerable by nature, sensitive, which will hide a grudge for a long time.In some cases, this period measured in years.

I want to say that the Scorpio is also not so sharp people.It is vulnerable in the depths of his soul, sensitive and in need of love and care, like a flower in the sunlight.This is for him an incentive to be better.If he does not feel emotional response from the lady, then quickly disconnects, without any regret, because if so desired response from their mate has not been received, then such relationships are not worth continuing.

what would be the union (Scorpio man - Cancer-woman), depends only on them.This can be a sensual couple, full of love and harmony, or a bad likeness of relations.It all depends on whether they are prepared to go to meet each other, to accept flaws and get used to the characteristics of the nature of their halves.Such compatibility.

Female Male Cancer + Scorpio - a sexually explosive mixture.In bed, for them there is only unbridled passion and sexual hunger.They are people without complexes.To be excited, they needed only one look.In such a pair, a man Scorpio - female Cancer, disputes and grievances often smoothed rough sex.