Proper maintenance indoutok

Indoutkami called musk ducks, wild populations are found in South America and Mexico.This large species of ducks domesticated person and imported by other parts of the world.

This bird nests mainly in trees.Conditions of indoutok fairly simple, and caring for them does not require much time.It is especially advantageous to nurse several bird families.Then on a drake will account for two or three females.One duck usually weighs five or six kilograms, and each has a female weight three kilograms.During the year, one indoutke the strength to carry hundreds of large eggs.And each egg will weigh about 70 grams.

meat of these wonderful birds like chicken: it did not fat and is considered a dietary.When breeding indoutok only for meat possible crossing of this breed with any other breeds.Progeny of such will, of course, a large but barren.

They are magnificent, these indoutki.Feeding and their content is an interesting question.The food is unpretentious indoutka and eats almost anything will.Impeccable food for her is considered wet mash.Sometimes ducks fed chopped grass, beet tops or kitchen waste.

very indoutkam like corn and beans.If the bird feed barley, it must be sure to pre-soak in water.And next to the trough should be in the water.Indoutki consume far fewer food than any other duck species.The hassle of feeding reduced several times, if to let the ducks swim and bathe in the pond.They love to eat duckweed, which floats in large quantities on the surface of the water.

But most of all indoutki love to eat a variety of insects and worms.And if there is no nearby water body, then they can dig a special shallow pond.

general content indoutok considered very interesting and safe occupation.This bird is often picks up and swallows different shiny things.It can be, for example, nails, pins or pieces of glass.Poultry farmers should ensure that the places walking ducks were clean.

Indoutkam not like traditional roosts, but the logs they are loyal.Logs are always placed in random order.To improve the comfort of the birds in the forest collect needles.From needles litter constructed.So prepare premises for wintering birds.

But content indoutok not without negative aspects.They do not get along with other bird species.They are best grown in separate fences.

For a variety of reasons the content indoutok considered beneficial.But the most important quality indoutok, which distinguishes them from the economic side, and is distinguished from other species, is too conspicuous dimorphism in the sexual sphere on the basis of body weight.It is larger than the size of a drake duck almost doubled.

Drakes are derived from more than half of the eggs taken from a hen.It is this nuance indicates that the content indoutok is very profitable occupation.Of course, indoutki are especially cyclical in egg production and a long incubation.They bear in spring and autumn.