Care for greenhouse pepper.

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Growing peppers in greenhouses (greenhouse) is the most common and simple way.If the soil is properly prepared for the landing, has sufficient softness and lightness, well lets moisture, then the results are excellent.

Pepper - a crop that requires good soil proryhlennogo and breathable.Therefore, care for pepper in the greenhouse requires regular weeding and hoeing.If the culture is grown for several seasons in the same place, then it is sure to disinfect the soil.

Before landing site need to dig to a depth of about 40 cm, to make a large amount of organic fertilizer, and if necessary - and the mineral.Usually used for this purpose are well overrotten manure at the rate of 1-1.5 tons per 100 square meters.Just before transplanting the soil should be carefully leveled.

Driving landing depends on the type of plant and the type of cultivation, that is, the timing of sowing, the duration of the growing season, and so on. D. The longer this process, and worse lighting, the greater the distance between the free-standing shrubs.Then care for pepper in the greenhouse will be easier.

very bushy varieties should be planted according to the scheme 40 x 70 or 50 x 80 cm, respectively, for 2-5 or 3-6 pieces per square meter.Varieties with small tillering placed scheme 30 x 60 and 40 x 70 cm - 3-6 or 4-8 per square meter.

Care peppers involves pruning a bush.Sprigs plants are brittle, break easily, especially under the big weight of ripening fruit.Many varieties are grown on soils protected, can reach a height of one meter, so they set backups.

Care peppers in a greenhouse provides for the mandatory formation of a bush.Depending on the duration of the maturation period, and circuits planting plants form several stems.Bush should not be too thick.Plants that have been cut off in a timely manner, begin to bear fruit earlier and more abundant.But, in turn, contributes to the risk of disease in plants and defeat its pests.

Do not forget that the highest quality care in the greenhouse for the pepper will not give good results if the plant will not be in time pollinated.This should be done as follows: as soon as the first flowers, every day during the afternoon must be easy to shake the bushes.For example, you can carefully hit the structure, which is tied to the plant.Pollination takes place during the events for the care of pepper.

believed that the peppers ripen completely, as soon as its color begins to change from green to red or yellow.But sometimes it is advisable to remove the fruit before, to enable to keep up with the remaining pepper.Good ripe fruit should have a smooth surface, fleshy structure, it is easy to separate from the stalk.

Depending on the type of fruiting normally occurs after about 8-11 weeks after planting seedlings in the ground.The harvest should be removed every two weeks or at least ripening.Cut the fruit should be at the base of the stem with a knife or shears.

Proper care for pepper in the greenhouse will help to get in early cultivation 5-6 kg, elongated cycle - 10-12 kg and autumn cultivation 3-4 kg per square meter.