Why dream of a thunderstorm?

Personally, I like the element.And it was during a rainstorm, storm, heavy snowfall and gale-force wind and beckons me into the street.Why is that?It's hard to answer.Probably, this is akin to burning desire to be in the thick of things.Sometimes, like this nabrodishsya, vymoknesh, make hundreds of stunning images, even at night and then rainfall and natural disasters, you see.But have you ever thought over, what dreams storm or just a heavy rain?It is hardly a dream foretells nothing.

What dreams storm: the general interpretation

See thunderstorm in his sleep, according to many compilers Horoscopes, facing numerous troubles, worries and troubles.However, if you are watching the storm from the window of a dream home in the warm comfort and safety, you will find well-being, afraid of trouble or troubles in the near future is not worth it.

What dreams thunder, lightning?A bright flash that gets into your home is a sign that you are expecting the news, and completely unpredictable, able to surprise you.If you are frightened by lightning, it is worth considering what should be done to make your life more righteous and pleasing to the higher powers.Torrential rain, as if washing away all negativity is known that conflict, a long-standing and complex finally resolved, bringing the long-awaited peace.

Gremyashchy thunder heralds the deterioration of your affairs, and the endless rumble threatening troubles and woes.If roar so powerful that shakes the earth, it is a warning of impending heavy losses and serious disappointments.In general, fear of storms being experienced in a dream means that you pay the difficult situation and many problems much more attention than they deserve really.

What dreams thunderstorm: interpersonal relationships

According to Sigmund Freud, which I saw in a dream, or The Dreaming storm thunder foretell a sudden gust of passion on the part of a long and familiar person, unpredictable behavior which may shock and frighten.If you dream a young woman looking for protection from the storm with his lover, in fact, it is not enough attention, tenderness and affection.

avoid unjust anger on the part of management, using resourcefulness, ingenuity and wit, will, if in a dream you manage to stay dry during a storm with heavy rain.But thunder and lightning during sleep, usually presage conflicts, strife and all sorts of disorders.

What dreams storm: less common interpretation

muslim dream interpretation in interpreting a dream about a storm based on the events of the past and present.If sleep is living in abundance, it is threatened with poverty, lack of money, or even bankruptcy.If such a dream a vision of a rich man, his life will change for the better, he will find the location of its head, and all the benefits associated with it.

famous Wang in his dream book treats the dream of a thunderstorm rolling in the pouring rain, as follows.If it floods the house, the neighborhood and brings destruction, is a harbinger of natural disasters and catastrophic situations, carrying appreciable harm, trouble, disappointment and suffering, not only individual rights, but also people in general.