What is a Schengen visa

Schengen, Schengen, Schengen visa Schengen - who among us has not heard of these concepts, firmly established in the lexicon of the Russian tourist community?But, sadly, think about the true meaning of familiar phrases and find out what the Schengen visa makes us only upcoming trip abroad.Meanwhile, the modern educated person should be at least in general terms to represent what is in question.

Schengen area was formed in 1985 as a result of the agreement of several European countries to abolish customs passport control.Near the village of Schengen (Duchy of Luxembourg) signed an agreement, which became the first alternative to the existing standards of the visa regime.Today, I am talking about the Schengen visa or often involve a group of countries where it is allowed to enter, and she Schengen visa - is the ability to access and free movement without internal border controls for 24 states of the European Union.Having the Schengen visa issued by the embassy of Italy, you can, for example, make a trip to Germany or France, not bothering too much red tape at the request visas in the embassies of these countries.

But, saying that such a Schengen visa, you should not forget about the existing restrictions.So, it should request the embassy or consulate of the state where you plan to stay most of the time, and travel to the Schengen area, preferably through the country, the embassy where you are treated.Also, be aware that, despite the open borders of the countries participating in Schengen, on any of the border crossings are possible spot checks.

There are different types of Schengen visas, but Russian citizens for tourist or business trips require Category C (tourist).It can be of two types: a single or multiple steps.Such visas are divided into several subtypes.So, once allowed to stay for up to 30 or up to 90 days, and permit multiple entries shall be issued for 1 year or 5 years.

Decide what the Schengen visa should be submitted and the period of its validity.Single entry visa allows you to stay in the country issued it for a stated period.This includes the ability to travel freely across the EU.Acting now rules allow free movement within the Schengen area without arrival to the country, this visa is issued.But we must prepare for possible issues at border crossings and document the veracity of your story.For example, if you have a Finnish visa, can not hurt to show your hotels in Finland or in the invitation to your friends Finns.Getting the multiple-entry visa, you become the owner of the right to stay in Europe for up to 90 days, and you can use it every six months.

Turning to the consulate or embassy for a visa, it is advisable to remember that it default workers perceive the future of their country undesirable visitor to enter.After all, knowing that such a Schengen visa, and what benefits it offers to tourists at the consulate think about the economic feasibility of such a trip to the country, as well as the absence of thoughts candidate to enter any criminal implications.So, before you receive the coveted visa, you have to prove the propriety of their intentions and the financial viability.

Requirements for Applicants for Schengen, in general terms, standardized for all countries, but in each embassy there may be different nuances.In this situation, information and documents proving the purity of your intentions, may not be redundant, and based on a standard set of documents should not be.In connection with the tightening of visa issuance EU countries, the process of their preparation can affect a lot - and presentable appearance of the candidate and his speech and behavior.