Letter of recommendation

Currently, when a new employee to work more and more employers have been asking to submit a letter of recommendation written by the heads of previous jobs.It is for this reason that every employer must know how to write this letter.The article will be given to the main recommendations of how to do it most competently.

letter of recommendation to the employee should be mandatory to have a title.For convenience, it is necessary to be sure to focus, for this purpose can be bold.After the title, as a rule, it goes directly to the text of the letter.

In the first paragraph, usually the full name of the employee.After it is worth noting that he worked in a particular company in a particular department, and to occupy certain positions.In addition, it is in this paragraph shall be information relating to the date of recruitment and date of dismissal.

second paragraph should contain, with only a few sentences, a description of what was the responsibility of the employee for the entire period of work in the company.Experts in drawing up these documents recommend putting this information into one sentence.

In the third paragraph is more appropriate to specify how a person has established himself while working at the company.Employers tend to point to the several qualities of his former employees, who were particularly pronounced, as well as other important characteristics that emerged in the course of professional activities.You can list the strongest traits that are one time or another have had a positive impact on the entire working period of the past.

letter of recommendation typically contains one paragraph, which indicates the degree of certainty of the governing body of the company is that the skills and experience gained in the professional field, and give the right to recommend it for use in another company.It is recommended to include personal positive qualities of man, which also influenced his professional and career growth.

most recent step in the preparation of such a document, as the letter of the employee is instructed positions wrote his full name, as it gives the document and is responsible for writing it.At the end put the signature stamp of the organization or company as well as the date of drawing.

there are some specific points that need to be taken into account in the preparation of such an important instrument in recent years as a letter of recommendation.If it is not issued by a private individual, a company, it would be much better if it is written on the letterhead.It is desirable to ensure that all information which relates to the outgoing worker, fit on a single sheet.

With regard to formalities, the recommendation letter is written in an arbitrary manner, without reference to any particular person.It is believed that this is a personal review of its employee head that the latter can show your potential employer.

Often there are situations when the head is simply no time to write a letter, and you must write to the employee, the chief then simply sign the document.In this situation, a person who is a letter, you must be very careful and write everything correctly, because of this document depends directly on its future.Written information will be the first objective, which recognizes the potential employer.It is a letter of recommendation creates the initial impression of the man.