Returns within 14 days

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Perhaps each of us faced with such a situation: bought thing, but at home have found that it does not fit.Refrigerator is not included in the doorway, blouse, bought the child, it proved to be great, and iron, presented on Mom's birthday turned out to be a hair's breadth the same as that presented to Aunt Claudia.In general, situations where the purchase was not necessary for one reason or another, Mass.If the goods are worth nothing, the majority simply pull the plug.And if the account goes on thousand?

law allows returns within 14 days to the store if it is not approached on various parameters, or simply did not like.Why is this term given?First, a person can buy goods in another city, and it will take several days to return and exchange the purchase.Secondly, as often happens with gifts, the thing bought by a certain date, and up to this time is not just goes to, and does not tried on.

That's why at the given return 14 days - that man had time to evaluate it and go back.Often, however, people are trying to abuse this law.The most striking example, bordering on fraud - return of used.For example, sometimes you want to dress to a certain date, and buying it is not very much and want to - it's expensive, and you can wear it only once.That and trying to recover the wearing of clothing or items that popolzovavshis 10 - 13 days after purchase.In this case you should make a reservation that the returned goods within 14 days of the law permits only if it is new, whole, it remained on all tags and labels.Found that the product was used very easily - on clothes are stain, the smell of sweat, if the thing was in the wash - the smell of powder.In the technique can also be scratches, stains, smudges detergents or smell of food.Based on all these signs the seller to the buyer the right to refuse to refund.

In no case can not return the goods within 14 days?

  1. If the product falls into the category of food.
  2. If it is a cosmetic or perfumery.
  3. If the goods are released footage different - fabrics, ribbons, linoleum, carpet, cable and other similar.
  4. Personal hygiene: toothbrushes, epilators, machines, massagers, wigs.
  5. drugs.
  6. Goods for the treatment or prevention of diseases - such as bandages, contact lenses, dental floss.
  7. and Jewellery made of precious metals.
  8. Weapons and ammunition.
  9. poisons, pesticides and household chemicals.
  10. Underwear and hosiery.
  11. furniture systems, kits and headsets.
  12. Animals.
  13. Plants.
  14. Non-recurrent publications.
  15. Household goods with a warranty period.

If the purchased item is on the list, and while it is in good condition, then return it to the law impossible.The only thing the seller can make concessions and return the money or exchange a thing as a goodwill gesture.

way, return within 14 days, is carried out in the presence of the check.If it was lost during this period, it is possible to prove the fact of purchase by presenting evidence.

This product must be replaced by a similar color, configuration, integration and size will suit the consumer.What should I do if other items not needed and need the money?In this case, you can insist that the right product for the replacement is not commercially available.For example, ask the exact same dress, but with pearl buttons blue, or a table of 10 centimeters already (though the furniture is already underway in standard sizes).In other words, ask for the replacement of the goods which the seller is unable to provide in principle.In this case, it simply will be forced to return the entire amount within a week.