What are some questions and answers complement what kinds of divided

Supplement - is a minor part of the sentence, having a total value of an object and relating either to an individual member of suggestions for actions or a sign, or to the whole basis of the proposal.

Supplement answers questions all cases except the nominative.This so-called oblique cases.Additions in most cases expressed by nouns ( Grandma always questioned (who?) Nikita (what?) about school performance .), As well as the pronominal nouns ( He was very proud of them .), The infinitive (offer to return, ask to meet ), substantivized adjectives ( dine in the dining room, to engage in remedial ), cardinal numbers ( added three ).

Supplement may be expressed by any part of the speech, which replaces a noun - subjective and objective infinitive, the adverb, official parts of speech, the interjection, syntactically indecomposable collocations, set phrases.As examples we can understand what question meets the addition.

Roly lying on the grass under a tree and a bird napping "tweet-tweet" .

I send you from the big Gorlenko (it?) hello.

was served (it?) dinner.

Over the summer I had read (it?) several books .

He managed to find his (it?) Achilles heel .

What questions are answered in the supplement and what kinds of divided

There are indirect and direct object.Supplement, which is expressed in the form of the accusative without a preposition, and refers to the parts of the sentence, which is expressed transitive verb is called direct.It refers to the object that is directly targeted by ( write an essay, give advice ).

predicate can be straight with them amendments to the genitive without excuse:

a) if expressed transitive verb with the denial ( ignore errors, do not understand the issue );

b) if the action is expressed transitive verb, it has a value of part of the whole ( drink water );

c) when used with the words of a category of state ( sorry, sorry - sorry life, mind the time ).

Supplement, which is expressed in the form of the accusative case with prepositions, and the forms of others (indirect) of cases with prepositions and without excuses, called the indirect ( speak (what?) of the Motherland, cluttered (what?) booksrattle (what?) spoons, to spend the summer (who?) grandmother ).

What questions are answered addition priimennoe and priglagolnoe

the classification of subordinates way different: addition priglagolnoe ( listen to music, edit the manuscript ) and addition priimennoe, which is dependent on the noun ( care of the parents, the choice of profession )or an adjective ( laudable, ready to march ).

What questions are answered with the addition of nouns and how it is expressed in the Supplement

nouns answer questions and expressed oblique cases:

a) genitive object: reading a book, the protection of the homeland ;

b) genitive relationship with the manufacturer: author, director of the plant ;

c) the content of the genitive: test execution, purpose of the study ;

g) dative destination: help the needy, the answer to the correspondent ;

d) ablative content: bag with books, a jar of water, studies in mathematics ;

e) ablative compatibility: tea with sugar, the magazine applications .

What questions are answered supplement that combines two values ​​

special character are supplements that combined two meanings:

1) attributive and object: dream about going (the dream of what? A dream of what?), messagetalks, rumors about the fire on the financial situation, the memories of the past, the dream of the future, the case of a fisherman .Such structures are called attributive additions;

2) object and adverbial: fish breathe with gills (what ?, how?); spend the summer with relatives (who ?, where?); The trees were first leaves (on what ?, where?).Such structures are called adverbial complements.