Walnut saved - it's time to gather nuts

This holiday is called Nut Spas, Orthodox believers celebrated on 29 August.Tradition says that the Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ wiped his face with a towel, leaving thus it his divine countenance.Holy Face of the Saviour (Saviour) devoted to icons, has long enjoyed special veneration in Russia.Said legend tells about the hard ailments ruler named Abgar of Edessa, received a miraculous healing and salvation.

Edessa - a city of antiquity, which is considered an important center of early Christianity in ancient Syria.Today it Sanliurfa - Turkey.Before suffering from leprosy ruler came the rumor of the miracles of healing that Jesus performed.He wrote a letter and sent him to the Saviour his man named Ananias.The letter asked for healing from a serious illness.Then Christ, and washed her face, and after dried himself with a towel, handed over the canvas with his face to the messenger of Abgar.Also, Jesus made a promise to send to the governor of Edessa his pupil.

After the Lord was crucified, buried, and rose again on the third day, the Apostle Thomas sent one of the disciples of Christ in Syria.The name of this messenger Thaddeus.Coming to Abgar, the people he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and all the inhabitants of the city, along with the governor believed in the Lord and were baptized.Also for Avgar miracle of healing it was revealed with the help of the previously mentioned image of the Holy Face of Christ the Savior.Healed of leprosy, and believing, the ruler of Edessa set cloth with the image of Jesus on the gates of the city.

later he was kidnapped Muslims, but then, nine centuries later, the image of Michael bought - the emperor of Byzantium, and in 944 it was transferred to Constantinople.This day is considered the beginning of the celebration of the described events - Translation of the Holy Face of Christ.Events ancient tradition based on the document, which contained a Edessinsky archive.There he was discovered in the V century Esevy Caesarea.The fact that the rumors about the miracles that Jesus did, spread throughout Syria, and said in the Gospel of Matthew.

Nut Spas - a day in which the cycle of religious holidays: First Spas - Honey, the faithful celebrated on 14 August.The second - an apple - 19 August.In ancient times, the last holiday in this series also was named "Bread saved."With celebrated on the eve of the Assumption of Mary attributed the end of the grain harvest, to this day comes and the end of the most enjoyable and easy in Russia Dormition Fast.They love him for the abundance of fruit in the given period.

Nut Spas is so called because at this time of ripening hazelnuts and start their collection.On a certain day in the woods spread out carpets.Then the nuts are collected household servants, maids girls, women.It is believed that the more is going nuts, the harvest will be plentiful bread (rye).City residents celebrated the holiday folk "velikodenskimi" festivities, fairs were held.And today marks the third Spas baking pies, breads, which uses flour new crop.

Previously Nut Spas farmers to sow winter rye, the so-called "dosevki."Begins the ritual common family prayer, and then, accompanied by their wives, husbands were sent to the field.On the cart should usually put the sheaves, over which put the bags of planting rye.In the sowers had expected buckwheat with which they were greeted home.After sowing ended, the whole family ate porridge and cakes.In this day and prepare a variety of dishes with nuts, which is recommended to treat their relatives and acquaintances.For example, you can prepare a simple salad, which includes the right and nuts, and apples and honey:

  • Two apples, peeled, Grate.
  • resulting malic substance is mixed with three tablespoons of honey.
  • added chopped nuts, in the amount of three tablespoons.
  • One must also grate carrots and add to the salad.

can only pour all with lemon juice, mix well and sprinkle on top and chopped nuts.Salad ready.