Theatre "The Bridge" (Perm): reviews and repertoire

Perm Theater "The Bridge" is in the top ten of the best theaters in the country, because it is original, unique and extraordinary man guides it.

History of theater

In 1988, the theater was founded by author "The Bridge" (Perm).Photos of the building presented above.This is the first in the world of mystical theater.It thus conceived by its founder, artistic director and director - SPFedotov.It was originally a youth studio under his guidance, where he began to experiment, to find their way.All this resulted in the opening of the theater "The Bridge", which is located in the Palace of Culture Telephone plant and gave his presentation in his Small Hall.The first performance was the play "mandate" by N. Erdmann.It premiered on October 7, 1988.This day is officially considered the birthday of the theater.In 1992, his company took the move to its own building.At the same time the theater has received the status of city.The first performance, played on the new stage was the "Marriage" NVGogol.In the theater reigns a magical world that is created by a special repertoire consisting of pieces by authors such as Mikhail Bulgakov, B. Stoker, NVGogol, FMDostoevsky and others.Widely known theater of Gogol was due to the cycle of performances.

Founder and head

Theatre "The Bridge" (Perm) was created Honored Artist of Russia, winner of the National Award "Golden Mask" - Sergei Pavlovich Fedotov.In his production of "Heart of a Dog" in the Czech Republic, he was awarded the title of best director, and became the first foreigner to receive such an award in the country.

Sergei Pavlovich was born in Perm, here at the Institute of Arts and Culture received the director's education.Performances, set them - bright, original and well-known far beyond his hometown.Spectators come to Perm from different cities of Russia specially to see his productions.Sergey P. Fedotov - the visionary and mystic, it offers viewers new gaming relationship actor's particular manner of existence on stage.It is original, paradoxical, grotesque, and thanks to her actors fully immersed in the space of the underworld.

Theatre performances "The Bridge" diverse genres.There are tragedies, comedies, detective stories, parables, but in all of them there is magic, mysticism and mystery, superhuman strength certainly invade the action of each setting.This is the opinion director at the theater and life, man's relationship with the worlds - internal and external.The performances of Sergei Pavlovich received the Grand Prix at international festivals.

Repertoire Theater "The Bridge" (Perm) in his repertoire combines the performances of the works of Russian and European classics, as well as the latest models of domestic and foreign drama.Many productions created at the junction of different genres.Theatre "The Bridge" was the first in Russia staged plays by Irish writer Martin McDonagh.For the production of "The Cripple of Inishmaan", created by the product of the playwright, the troupe in 2010, won the Theatre Award "Golden Mask".

in the theater "The Bridge" today we can see the following performances:

  • «Man-pillow" on black detective M. McDonagh.
  • «Pannochka" - a play-thriller based on the novel NVGogol "Wii".
  • «The Master and Margarita" - a version of the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov.
  • «Skull in Connemara" - gloomy comedy by Martin McDonagh.
  • «Beauty of Linena" - sad comedy by Martin McDonagh.
  • «Heart of a Dog" - human comedy by M. Bulgakov.
  • «Castle" - by F. Kafka.
  • «Panic" - irony M. Myullyuaho.
  • «Smell" - by R. Familyari.
  • «Dracula" - by B. Stoker.
  • «Juno and Avos" - the rock opera A. Rybnikov and Andrei Voznesensky;
  • «33 swoon" - by A. Chekhov.
  • «Theremin" - by P. Zielonka.
  • «The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta" - the rock opera A. Rybnikov and Andrei Voznesensky.
  • «Quasimodo" - by Victor Hugo.

Theatre Troupe "The Bridge" (Perm) - a thirty-five unique and talented actors.Most of the troupe consists of young artists who do not have thirty years.Actors Theatre of "The Bridge" - people multifaceted, with many interests, most of them have higher actor's education.Today, the troupe is as follows: A. Anisimova, I. Baboshin, A. Bohr, Golendukhino T., V. Ilyin, Kabalina D., N. Kolomiika, Yu Kopylov, EA Lebedeva, V. Leurdo, A. Molyanov, Molyanova I., A. Muratov, M. Novichenko, Perova A., T. Petunkina, M. Sigal, VA Skidanov, IA Ushakov, R. Shnigir and others.


theater productions "The Bridge" popular and loved.One of the most famous plays in his repertoire - "Pannochka."Theatre "The Bridge" (Perm) turned the story NVGogol's mystical thriller.Scriptwriter - Nina Sadur, director and set designer - Sergey Fedotov.This performance - a visiting card of the theater "The Bridge."The premiere took it in 1991.It was after the play was staged "Pannochka", the theater has received the nickname of "mystical", and it recognized the right of the discoverer of the scene of the world of supernatural forces.

The style of this production is unique, it combines comedy and horror philosophy.This performance is built on contrasts in the game.The action makes the audience laugh, wince of surprise and freeze in terror.The success of the play lies in the fact that the jokes that amuse and frighten it, fraught with deep philosophical meaning and the audience can find answers to many questions."Pannochka" goes on stage "The Bridge" for more than 20 years, but the popularity is only growing.Each show is accompanied by the same notice.Actors who are engaged in this production, makes the viewer feel almost own skin, how terrible the other world, and what a delight you can experience when you open the secret knowledge.


decide to visit any play, to know the opinion about him those who have seen it, it is necessary for many potential visitors - residents and visitors of the city of Perm.Theatre "The Bridge" critics, some of whom are members of the jury of the National Award "Golden Mask", about their performances received the highest honors.For example, Victor Shrayman expressed that the actors who play here are able to create on stage a special world, penetrate deep into the psyche of the characters who perform the role, brilliantly transform externally and internally, that now is not as common.Marina Timashev (browser "Radio Liberty") considers theater performances "The Bridge" genius and director - one of the few who can make a statement voluminous.Anatoly Smelyanskiy (chairman of the jury "Golden Mask" and the rector of the School of Moscow Art Theatre Studio. Anton Chekhov) admires repertoire and troupe of the city of Perm.Theatre "The Bridge" reviews only gets admiring spectators, especially fascinates the audience play "Pannochka."It would seem that for a long time known to all the plot, but he looks for a new, vibrant, modern and exciting.

Theatre Museum

Recently Theatre "The Bridge" (Perm) has opened for its viewers a museum that you can visit before or immediately after the end of each performance.Among the exhibits - props, costumes and scenery items from the play "The Master and Margarita", "Vampire", "young mistress", "Dracula" and "The Suicide".Here are the cup from which drank the blood of Margarita on a ball at Woland;throne, on which sat Dracula;Pannochki coffin;severed head of Berlioz;unfinished chess game with a cat Behemoth Woland and others.

Theatre Museum is unique in that the exhibits can be touched by hands.It is located in one of the halls for rehearsals.Each artifact has a story that will tell visitors the staff of the theater or the actors themselves.


Near Square Ural Volunteers located Theatre "The Bridge" (Perm).Address: Kuibyshev street, house №11.You can get to the theater by tram №3, 4, 7 and 11. Exit should be at the bus stop, which is called "Theater" At the Bridge "", or a "Garden of Ural volunteers."It can be reached by bus.In this case, you will get out at the stop "street.Popov "or" Central Department Store "and then walk a little bit to go before the" Square ", and from there to reach the intersection of Sovetskaya and Kuibyshev.It is necessary to climb up to the last, and there will be a visible sign "Theater" At the Bridge "", then left.

Information for spectators

on theater tickets "The Bridge" (Perm) Prices depend on the location, number and time of the performance.The cost varies from 500 to 2000 rubles.The audience has the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets for performances that run during the day - at 14:00 or at 15:00.They cost from 300 to 1200 rubles.The Theatre "The Bridge" (Perm), tickets can be purchased at the box office, from 12:00 to 19:00 from Tuesday to Friday and from 12:00 to 18:00 - Saturday and Sunday.Monday - the day off.You can order tickets by phone 8 (342) 237-52-55 or make a purchase at the official site of the theater.