Is it possible to raise a child without punishment?

it possible to raise children without punishment?Punishment, as well as promotion is a method of training and, as a rule, also applies under the auspices of parental love and care.

rare parent does not want their child well, but in his manifestation of adults tend to act according to his own ideas, which they are usually either copied from their parents, or, conversely, take a completely opposite line education.

Speaking of punishment of children, it should be remembered that the child comes into the world with no idea of ​​any of morality nor about the rules of conduct or of security.All this he learns, is growing, and how successful will this training depends on his future life in society.In this sense, the punishment can be regarded as a form of child's learning how to behave in the world in which he will live.The right of parents - to choose how to teach these rules, whether to choose the education of children without punishment or still sometimes use it as an educational measure.

There are three groups of sentences:

- based on the pain, out of fear, the child in the future will not do anything bad;

- deprivation of parental love, in this case the effect will be achieved play on the feelings of the baby;

- deprivation of a child of any of pleasures.

And the main thing here is the right to punish a child:

- During the punishment, the child must understand that rightly punished.

- The child should not be deprived of the opportunity to meet their physiological and biological needs.

- The child should be informed that for what actions he is punished.

- The punishment should be temporary.

- In no case do not grieve the child and do not humiliate him.

- during the punishment can not talk about past misconduct.

- Physical punishment (beating) is unacceptable!

Very relevant is this question of how to punish children in kindergarten!

Talking about teaching a child living in a society, one can not but affect the kindergarten, as one of the first and most important steps of his preparation for this life.Many carried the controversy surrounding the question whether there should be in kindergarten education of children without punishment, or caregivers can still resort to it in the case of children of disobedience.

answer to this question is simple: teachers - people who are engaged in vocational education have certain qualifications, and they, like anyone else, should be able to find an approach to children as much as possible to try and get out of the situation with the help of explanations and discussions.

But it happens that the child becomes unmanageable, he deliberately harm other children, or commit other offenses.Then the teacher, as a rule, applies to his punishment.But the real teacher will never allow that the punishment inflicted harm to the child, it short-circuited in itself led to the children's complex.And especially not allowed in the kindergarten physical punishment.

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