The worst punishment - deprivation of parental rights

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family - this is the best that can be in the world.Man happy about the fact that he was waiting, thinking about it, happy for his return, which can be to take care of those roads.Is not happiness - to hear, "Daddy !!!" from running out to meet the baby ?!Children - this is the best there is in our lives.And every small and tender sprout, they need care, care, attention.

Unfortunately, the idyll is not all families.Some parents do not understand or can not understand.There are "difficult family," where there is no place affection, love, kind words.Where one or both spouses do not fulfill their parental duties or treat their minor children are very cruel.And this is the basis for punishing parents.

Family Code sets out the worst punishment - deprivation of parental rights.When this penalty is applied?Can you avoid it?What are the grounds for its application?What awaits repentant parents?

deprivation of parental rights is when the parents are not at the proper level include children, when you do not care about their health, development, mental, physical or moral.Sometimes the willful refusal of parents to pay maintenance - the basis for the application of such penalties.

deprivation of parental rights if:
- parent without a good reason, leave their child in the hospital, in the hospital or in an institution of social types;
- parents of abused children, have a mental or physical violence, make an attempt on their sexual integrity;
- the parents (or one of them) are recognized chronic alcoholics or drug addicts;
- committed premeditated crimes related to the life or health of children or spouse.

for deprivation of parental rights is sufficient even one of these cases.Only the court has the right to deprive the parents of their rights.But the appeal to the court to have the deprivation:
- one of the parents;
- Attorney;
- juvenile committee;
- the guardianship.

What is needed for termination of parental rights?Any body that is the guardian of the interests of the minor child must apply to the judicial authority.Termination of parental rights - a legal procedure, the solution of which is fixed.It does not relieve parents of special duties, such as the obligation to maintain their child financially.

Court during the application decides whether to collect child support from parents.Children from this obligation - pay child support elderly parents - are exempt.In addition, they can apply for property rights, the right to inherit parental property right to housing, and others.

deprivation of parental rights - it's not a life sentence, although the recovery is much more difficult and complicated.After losing the trust of their children is very easy and simple, but to restore - it's hard.There is a possibility of recovery in six months from the date of the court decision.The law gives you time to think again over the negligent moms and dads, so the possibility of adoption of the baby other people can only be considered after this date.Grief-parents need to prove in court that they have reformed, changed their lifestyle, behavior and attitude to the baby.

from taking different cases of restriction of the parents of their rights in relation to children.Restriction of parental rights is allowed if the parent did not blame that child living with him in the future become dangerous.For example, if the parents or one of them found the mental or other chronic illness.A child whose parents are limited in their rights to education and its contents transferred to body care and can not adopt such a child.

would like to believe that sooner or later, but the parents, who have not lost the rights to their children, come to their senses and change everything in my life.Children should be brought up in his family, educate their parents - this is a law of life.