How to make a paper boat games

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paper boats have always been the favorite toy of many children, especially in the spring when the snow melts and streams start to run fun.However, a beautiful boat can be an excellent souvenir and even gifts.So, how to make a boat of paper?


Paper boat can make in several ways.Perhaps the easiest way to get or draw your own pattern, cut it out of cardboard and glued using ordinary paper glue, after having painted.The second way - to lay down their sleek boat, guided by the principles of the ancient Japanese art that is gaining in popularity all over the world.Origami gives you the opportunity to create exciting, a variety of models at minimal cost in materials.

Paper boat without sails: Getting Started

So, how to make a boat of paper?First you need to take an ordinary sheet of paper.Suitable for both landscape and just A4.The sheet is placed on a flat surface and is folded into halves along its length.Now you need to bend it once more, and then straighten all.This is done in order to form the line bends.The next step is to bending of the upper corners of the sheet in the middle of the line, and then with the face and the back of the need to bend the top half of the bottom edge.When this is done, it is possible from both sides of the bottom corners of the sheet to bend upward into clearly 90 degrees.And after the rest of the lower edge of the bend to the end.It turns out even triangle.


How to make a boat of paper when all of the above is already done?Now comes the hardest part.We need to take the center of the triangle and gently stretch the model, trying not to break anything anywhere.The result was a square.Now the lower edge is bent upward, and then the model is extended again for the center.It remains only to bend the bottom edge.Mark - easy without a sail boat is ready, you can start the games.

Boat with a sail: preparation

How to make paper boat, if you want to implement it sail?There is nothing particularly complex.Take a square sheet of paper, color or little white.It must bend angles to each other, and then straighten to schedule line bends a cross pass over the paper.The next sheet is folded twice - both vertically and horizontally to make two more lines, and then, for the same purpose, kinks need to perform all the corners (ie all the angles add up to the center of the sheet to get a box, and then all straighten).

bulk of the work

first right and then the left half of the sheet folded vertically in the center.Now just bend the lower to the upper half.The next step is difficult for many beginners origami - is pulling the corners on both sides outward.All - the layout of the future boat can be turned up.The resulting model is neatly folded on the diagonal.The lower area is necessary to lift and secure.All - a nice boat ready.You can paint the body in one color sail - in the other, and start playing.

Another option boats

Many people want to learn how to make a boat of paper.The circuit is quite simple, just need to practice a couple of times.So, taken all the same sheet of paper in the form of a square.First, he bends down, then both halves of the center.Nothing should not unbend.Now, on each side of the boat to bend angles to the center, then fold the new angles to the middle, half boat.Last plies - angles at the center of bend inward.It remains only to straighten the edge of the boat to get the finished model.Figure out how to fold various origami, you can easily create anything.For example, as of paper to make a submarine?Of course, all guided by the same rules of folding an ordinary sheet of paper.The resulting figures enthusiastically involve children in games.