Price comparison for independent and prefabrication of concrete.

For those who are wondering, what is the concrete mix will be useful to read the following.Thus, components of concrete are cement, sand, water and gravel.Also in this mixture can also be added various impurities that promote greater strength or solidification of the concrete.

If we talk about a class or a concrete mark, here everything is determined by the proportion of the components of the concrete mix, as well as quantitative optionally containing plasticizers and various chemical additives.
And yet why the concrete need to add sand and gravel?If cement is diluted with water, it has formed a very strong stone.The problem is that this stone is very prone to crack and sink.In this case, sand and gravel make the role of the structural skeleton, which helps to absorb and mitigate the situation.Furthermore, addition of sand and rock helps reduce the cost of the concrete mix.However, it should be noted that the rubble to be twice as strong as the concrete grade.

independent manufacturing concrete

Often there are situations when buying a ready-mixed concrete does not solve all the problems of construction.Often it happens so that the concrete mixture has to cook directly on the construction site.This is usually done to fill some of the reinforced concrete structures, stairs, ties, etc.

consider a number of situations that may require a separate production of concrete:

  • should be a small amount of concrete.The minimum number of delivery of concrete usually has standard dimensions of about 4-5 cubic meters.
  • In case the concreting takes place gradually in the intervals.This may be due to the pouring of concrete multi-storey structures, the individual crossbars, etc.
  • Directions special equipment to the object is difficult.
  • object building is located far away from the plant, which is made concrete.In this regard, the prices for concrete delivery can be very profitable differ from simple prices for concrete.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that a self-made concrete may not be as cheap.

proportions of concrete, its cost and the manufacturing process.

try to count how many can cost concrete, manufactured at home.So, for the manufacture of one cubic meter of concrete we need the average grade:

  • 300-350 kg of cement - 1100-1200 rubles.Also, transportation of cement can complement more 300-500 rubles.
  • impossible to do a small amount of sand, becauseSmall amounts can not be transported.Therefore, with transportation once count on 5000-6000 rubles.A cube will cost 500-700 rubles.
  • same story again and rubble.Minimum quantity of rubble is 4-5 cubes.For one cubic may pay 1300-1400 rubles.
  • Finally, you can not worry about the water.It will take about 150-180 liters, which you can get almost for free.

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the raw ingredients.This may change radically formulation preparation.

Total components for mixing concrete can cost us in the 3100-3500 rubles.This will be the final price if you do not include the use of labor.

the concrete factory delivery will cost about 2600-3000 rubles.It is worth thinking about whether such a game worth the candle!Of course, in some situations it may be more convenient, but professionals in the manufacture of concrete have much more experience and technology to create a concrete mixtures.Professional equipment to minimize costs and to offer concrete at a much more affordable price.