Concrete lawn grille - solving the problems of the city

All people are divided into two camps: those who have a car, and those who do not.The latter believe that the automobile - an absolute "evil": cars pollute the air, interfere with the normal movement of footpaths.In this opinion walkers remain until such time until they do not become owners of the vehicles and begin to suffer from a lack of properly organized parking places, which could solve the problems of car owners and pedestrians, and at the same time become an additional decoration of urban architecture.

One option coverage for sites in the regeneration of car parks can become concrete lawn grille.It is a module that is not only the basis for the parking, but also a drainage system, yet it strengthens the ground, allowing the grass to sprout naturally, reliably protecting the roots from damage.This green island is the perfect complement to the surrounding architectural ensemble, and provide an opportunity to organize the parking lot without interfering with traffic.Concrete Lawn lattice is characterized by high strength and durability.The average lifetime depending on the loads of 10-20 years.It is used not only for the resettlement of parking lots, but also for children, games, playgrounds, walkways, protect manholes and gutters.That coating protects against shedding roadsides, shores of reservoirs.

itself concrete lawn grid, in addition to strengthening of soil, serves as a drainage system through the honeycomb form.Skip the moisture in the soil, it prevents precipitation to form puddles, while lighter snow drifts and cleared of ice crust than a continuous coating.In some countries, concrete lawn grille along the road has a decorative elements, distracting tired of the monotony of the driver's view of the road.

For all its merits, such as frost resistance, strength, durability, the coating has a number of drawbacks.They consist in the fact that the material used for manufacturing, does not allow the size of the thin walls of the cells, and it looks unattractive with respect to the surrounding architecture.In addition, installing such panels provides them drowning into the ground, and this, in turn, additional material costs for installation.Nowadays, there are new, modern types of coatings, Grilles for lawns can be made not only from the concrete.Now it is becoming increasingly popular plastic cover, called Geosynthetics.

in performance material is not inferior concrete.He is as strong, reliable, resistant to temperature extremes, environmentally friendly.But this material is flexible, allowing it to move from place to place easily and attract more technology.Placement is made directly on the ground, which is pre-compacted and leveled sand, laid on top of a series of modular cellular, filled with soil and planted grass.This lawn grid parking will help to create the appearance of natural, well-groomed lawn.Due to the thin wall of cells turns solid green field.According to the materials and installation costs such coverage becomes preferable to traditional.

If public administration, services, responsible for landscaping and roads, will solve the problem of parking complex, the pedestrians and drivers will treat each other more kindly.