Dry cough during pregnancy: what to treat.

When a woman finds out that in the near future it will become a mother, she begins to pay special attention to their health.Despite this, many of the fair sex pregnant suffer viral and bacterial diseases.And all of the fact that immunity in this period is reduced somewhat.The most popular cause for concern in this case is a dry cough.When pregnancy than to treat this symptom?This you will know after reading the article.

dry cough during pregnancy

1 trimester is a period, which accounts for 80 percent of colds among expectant mothers.Everything happens for the reason that the reduced immune defenses.It is necessary for normal pregnancy.Otherwise, the body will reject the fetus, perceiving it as a foreign body.

Dry cough while waiting for a child may be the result of an inflammatory disease of the airways.Also, expectant mothers are prone to the emergence of allergies.This may develop a dry cough.Irritation in the throat is sometimes a consequence of bacterial lesions of the tonsils and peripharyngeal ring.This occurs most often when using cold products.Rhinitis pregnant can provoke the appearance of dry cough.

Correction pathology

If you have a dry cough during pregnancy, how to treat it - will tell the specialist.Remember that any self-appointment may not only lead to aggravation of the state of the expectant mother, but also to the adverse effects on the fetus.Most drugs may not be used in this period.However, doctors know the list of permitted drugs and prescribe them if necessary.There is another way how to eliminate dry cough during pregnancy.The treatment can be carried out by national methods.In this case also need to comply with accuracy.

First, let's find out what causes dry cough during pregnancy.Treatment is only selected thereafter.Incorrectly selected correction will only contribute to the development of symptoms.Let us consider in detail, from which there is a dry cough during pregnancy than to treat it in different situations.

allergic reaction

Often expectant mothers are faced with the manifestation of allergy.The reaction may occur when certain flowering plants, or on chemicals.Also, some pregnant women are faced with a food allergy.For the treatment of this pathology appointed antihistamines, such as "Tavegil", "Suprastin" "Zyrtec" and so on.

worth noting that almost all anti-allergic agents are prohibited in the waiting period of the child.However, doctors can choose a certain gentle scheme, while taking into account the period of embryonic development.Remember that self-designation of these drugs can lead to disastrous consequences.

cold or viral infection

What if the expectant mother picked up the virus, and there was a dry cough during pregnancy?Than to treat this pathology?Of course, first you need to see a therapist and make sure that it is the cause of the disease.Most often, doctors prescribe to women immunomodulators, such as "Arbidol", "Otsilokoktsinum", "interferon" and so on.

also can be symptomatic therapy.In this case, the means used to facilitate a dry cough during pregnancy.Medications often are: "Tantum Verde", "Lizobakt", "Ingalipt" and others.In the appointment of certain drugs should always take into account the gestational age.

bacterial disease or pathology in the bronchi

If you have inflammation in the lungs and bronchi, which resulted in a dry cough during pregnancy, how to treat this pathology?In most cases, physicians have prescribed means which are available in the form of syrups and suspensions.These drugs include: "Stodal", "Gerbion", "Gedeliks" and many others.

Bacterial disease often elevated body temperature.While waiting for the baby it can be very dangerous.How to treat dry cough during pregnancy in this case?You can use the "Theraflu", "Coldrex Knight" and so on.It should take into account the time and risks involved.

Dry air

addition to all the above reasons, because not enough moist air can cause dry cough during pregnancy.How to treat the phenomenon in this case?

Effects of dry air on the respiratory system can be huge.However, this reason is the most harmless.Treatment in this case is not assigned.Doctors strongly recommend the use of special devices or humidify the air in the room means at hand.Usually within a few hours the woman begins to feel the improvement.

Application inhalation

If you have a dry cough during pregnancy than to cure it without drugs?An excellent option would be inhalation.This method is quite safe and has no adverse effects on the fetus and female organs.Keep in mind that it is impossible for inhalation by increasing the body temperature.You can use a special device (inhaler) for the procedure, or use the means at hand.

inhaler can be used for a variety of cough syrups.You can also pour into the unit normal mineral water or saline.If the inhaler is not at hand, use the other methods.Heat the kettle and breathe over the steam.To enhance the effect, you can use a homemade cardboard tube.Also very good cures dry cough potato pairs.

Healing teas and decoctions

Than to treat dry cough during pregnancy safe?The people know a lot of different "Grandma's" recipes.Almost all of them contain in their composition different herbs.It should be noted that certain components may adversely affect the fetus.Many of the compounds even have abortifacient effect.That is why before a particular treatment is necessary to consult a specialist.Here are some proven and most friendly recipes for teas.

  • Take equal proportions of dried thyme and lime.Brew herbs with one liter of boiling water.Then cover the container lid and wait for 20 minutes.Next, strain the solution and take it before going to bed one glass.The mixed composition should be stored in the refrigerator and reheat before using.
  • Use 2 tablespoons dried red clover (inflorescences) with the addition of 300 milliliters of boiling water.Cook the broth for about 15 minutes, then strain and cool composition.Take the medicine needed for half a cup three times a day.
  • Take two tablespoons of raspberry jam and pour them a glass of boiling water.Let stand for about 10-20 minutes Product and drink in the form of heat.You must know that raspberry helps to some extent soften the cervix.It is therefore not necessary to apply this method when the threat of termination of pregnancy or a high probability of premature birth.
  • Lemon helps to eliminate the virus from the body and enhance immunity.If the cough is caused by the common cold, use this recipe easily.Take a few cloves of peeled lemon and knead it.Pour half cup of boiling water and a little cool.Drink tea after a meal.


How else to treat dry cough during pregnancy without taking medication?You can safely gargle.This treatment has no effect on the fetus due to the fact that the drugs are not absorbed into the bloodstream.

Gargle can be a wide variety of means.Salt and baking soda are excellent antiseptic and regenerating agent.Chamomile reduces inflammation and soothes irritated mucous membranes.Sage has astringent effects, removing red.

Gargle better after eating.This can be done several times a day.At the same time after the procedure should refrain from drinking about half an hour.

Tips for treatment of dry cough during pregnancy in different periods

Many expectant mothers visit doctors with the words: "I had a dry cough during pregnancy.How to treat?Help! "Surely you know that the entire period of gestation of the child is divided into three sections called trimesters.The first period of time is the most dangerous for colds.If at this time you have appeared dry cough, you should give preference to the use of safe means of: broths, teas, gargles and inhalations.At this stage the important organs and systems in the unborn baby.The uncontrolled use of medications can lead to various damage and irreversible consequences.

And what can be treated at a later date a dry cough during pregnancy (2 term)?Treatment provided in this period increasingly medicated drugs.At this time of the child protects the placenta.It should be noted that during this period can be used even antibacterial and antimicrobial agents, but this must be done only by a physician.

There are some limitations in the later stages of treatment.Dry cough during pregnancy (3 terms) can be particularly dangerous.This period is every day closer to meeting the future mother with a toddler.That is why doctors prescribe with caution certain drugs for correction.Many funds forbidden to use less than a month before the birth.This is due to the fact that drugs are absorbed into the blood and can be allocated to breast milk.That is why it is so important not to separate appointments, and contact the medical assistance.

Summary and Conclusion

you now know how to treat a dry cough during pregnancy.Remember that in some cases, the disease can be very dangerous.During tension of the abdominal wall increases tone of the uterus and increasing pressure inside genitals.All this can lead to the temporary hypoxia in the future baby.

when symptoms persist, consult a gynecologist or therapist and have qualified appointment.Always listen to the advice of your doctor and be healthy!