Polar Bears: Little Red Book of Russia

Today in the world there are many species that require special attention for the reason that they are rare, and in the near future they could face extinction.Included in this group are listed and animals such as polar bears.The red book is designed to keep a record of rare and endangered animal species, some of its pages are devoted to polar bears.

Habitats of polar bears

This kind of animal is interesting is the fact that its representatives live in places that are not very suitable for life.We are talking about the Arctic, with its harsh climate.Low temperature, long winter, polar night does not become an obstacle for the polar bear.

Arctic Ocean with its lifeless islands, the northern edge of Eurasia and North America - the place where the polar bear lives.
Red Book, various encyclopedias and many other sources, providing information about the animal to indicate its essential difference from other types of bears inhabit the planet.On the specific features of the animal can even specify a name.Because the language of certain peoples or scientific sources that the animal is called in different ways - by sea, the north, the polar bear.

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Ways evolution

Scientists have long believed that the development of white and brown bears diverged about one hundred and fifty thousand years ago.And it happened in the area of ​​the planet, which is housed in a modern Ireland.But recent research made to change this view.Today science says that unbundling happened much earlier - an average of about six thousand years ago.During this long period the animals were differences not only related to habitat, feeding conditions, but also in appearance, although the genetic material indicates that these animals once had a common ancestor.

General is also a sad fact that all the bears today - are animals of the Red Book.The polar bear, brown, Himalayan and other types of unique animals in need of protection, which it can only give a person.Although, it was he who was the main reason for the decline in their numbers in the world.

Learn all about the polar bear and its relatives can be in the pages of numerous publications, which are placed research scientists, stories of people who found in nature with these unique and at the same time, very dangerous animals.

I must say that not always meeting ended happily, with no unfortunate consequences if its members became man and polar bear.Red book and therefore appeared that people sometimes tried to prevent the action of predator and killed him before he attacked the man or his home.But not always the actions of people were quite reasonable, and in the end it led to a reduction in the number of polar bears.

appearance and structural features of the body

long neck, flat head - the main difference between a polar bear from the brown in the structure of the body.Limbs are stolpoobraznoe animal species.Feet are very wide.This helps the bears move through deep snow without sinking.Due to the special structure of the feet and the fact that they are covered with fur, polar bears can easily go on the ice surface.Despite the enormous weight, they easily overcome hummocks up to two meters.

skin color black bear, and the skin has color from white to yellowish.Such coloring wool bear gets in the summer, when there is a particularly strong sunlight.

Types of polar bears

Animal species that live in different regions of the vast Arctic territory, have differences among themselves.The largest polar bears live on the islands of the Bering Sea.Some individuals have a weight of about 1,000 kilograms with a body length of up to three meters.

Most existing species of polar bears reach 450 kilos at a height of about two meters.Females are slightly smaller than males.Their average weight is about 300 kilograms.

Svalbard Islands - habitat of the smallest size of representatives of these terrible animals, which are the polar bears.The Red Book has taken under the protection of all existing types of bears living in the Arctic.

adapted to life in the Arctic

particular concern about the host ice deserts displayed by the Red Book of Russia.The polar bear is found only in the territory of the Arctic, much of which is owned by the Russian state.In addition, the polar bears are found on the mainland of Eurasia in the icy wilderness area.

Elsewhere Earth polar bear does not dwell.There are cases when the animals got on the ice in the warmer climate, and it gave them a big problem.

How do animals have adapted to such harsh conditions of life in the Arctic?First, the body is covered with thick fur.Secondly, the structure of the hairs helps delay the air in them, which makes fur warmer.A significant layer of fat also saves the animal from hypothermia.In the most severe times of the year, its thickness is about ten centimeters.

With such insulation bears are not afraid of any storms or extreme cold or icy water of the ocean and the northern seas.Polar bears - are excellent swimmers.In search of prey, they can swim in the day to 80 kilometers.This helps them special structure paws between the toes which are membrane.When navigating the limb of an animal act as flippers.

What is the food of the northern bear

Polar bear - a predator, so he eats meat from animals that live near him.Bear hunting in the water and on land.With smaller animals, such as seals, predators can easily handle water.It stuns the victim paw and pulls her onto the ice.

rivalry with walrus polar bear under the force only on land.Skin of dead animal and fat - the main treat for the predator.If there is no severe hunger, the bear meat leaves intact, it eat other smaller predators.

reasons for reducing the number of animals

Anyone, if he tries to learn all about the polar bear, easy to find information on that one bear for his life into the world is able to produce no more than fifteen young.When feeding offspring inevitable death of the young - the harsh conditions of life make themselves felt.Putting these two facts it is easy to assume that the possible reduction in the number of animals from natural causes.

To this must be added the facts of illegal hunting, the object of which are increasingly polar bears.The Red Book of our country and other countries of the world trying to stop the process of reducing the numbers of these animals.

Animals Red Book of the Russian Federation

Polar bear, along with other animals is under state protection since 1956.On the territory of the Russian hunting is completely forbidden.In countries such as Canada, the United States, it is limited.

For people living in the northern regions of the Earth, have long been hunted polar bears.Red Book states interested in the preservation of animal populations, tried to change the situation.

meat and skins of bears, for which went on their destruction, in the modern world are not the only available source of food for humans, the material used for the arrangement of the home, making clothes.Therefore, hunting for bears is no longer regarded as a necessity.She qualified as poaching and punishable by law.

a result of measures taken rescued rare animal - the polar bear.Red Book Description number and types of population published in 1993.By this time, it marked not only the restoration of individuals, but also a slight increase in the number of animals.