The art of conversation: a compliment.

continue the conversation about the rules, implementation of which will ensure the success of a compliment.

other creative empathy

only showing empathy, we can see that the other party will be pleased to hear.However, there are things pleasant for everyone.Everyone wants to look good (especially women), to achieve success in all the respect, recognition, and love;have a good family, smart, healthy children, etc.Communicating with a person gives additional information.The more personalized a compliment, the more valuable it is, for better takes into account the priorities of this person.

compliment anyone can say

Indeed, it only needs to have at least some information about the person.Let us difficult, seemingly objective - to tell a compliment to the person about whom we know only that it is a miser, which the world has not seen.

begin with empathy.Whether he considers himself a miser?Surely not!Rather, a man lean, economic, zealous.And, of course, proud of it, condemning others for extravagance.That's the basis for the compliment: "I do not have enough of your thrift!"Compliment on background antikomplimenta currently.Everything was easy.

common misconception

It consists in the fact that you only need to pay compliments "right" people, ie those from whom you want to get something.In the absence of proper practices it is precisely the most difficult situation, because the object knows that you will be to him as a "drive up".And you have experience and some do not.So it is likely that nothing good happens.Therefore, we try to approach the issue from the other side.

How often compliment

as often as possible.Anyone who at least to some extent deserves a kind word.That practice is achieved by lightness and ease of compliments, making it a natural and irresistible.

very useful for beginning to put itself the task: a day without a compliment!For Gift begins with a desire to tell him.Find what you personally like about the person that you'd like to claim him borrow.And tell me about it directly.

People take compliments very graciously, for every nice thing is that he wants to say something good.And it's easy to forgive possible mistakes.Especially if there is no foreign witnesses.Therefore, learn to make the best compliment one on one.Moreover, the presence of strangers can be confusing.

However, if the compliment is good, then more of an impression it makes when done "in front of witnesses."Because men are not spoiled with compliments, they are less demanding of their quality.Therefore, learn to make the best compliment to the men.

Who on this good

When compliment liked the other person, his face lights up with a smile.A good mood with a smile is a pleasant companion used to be transmitted.And you also involuntarily will smile and feel that you have improved mood.So what is the use of all compliments.It remains only to wish you success in this good deed!

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