Fallopian tubes in women - what is it ?Inflammation of the fallopian tubes.Obstruction of the fallopian tubes

Female body is full of secrets.He undergoes cyclical changes monthly.This can not be said of the body representative of the stronger sex.Also, a woman can bear children.This process is due to the presence of certain organs.These include the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus.This article focuses on one of these bodies.You know what a fallopian tube, and what problems may arise with it.Each of the fair sex should be aware of how to construct the reproductive system of women.

fallopian tubes: what is it?

This body located in the pelvis in women.It is worth noting that with the birth of every girl there are two fallopian tubes.The length of these organs is very small.It is no more than five (sometimes seven) centimeters.The volume of the body is also very small.Diameter which is fallopian tube is a few millimeters.

inner layer of the uterine tube is represented by microscopic fingers, called pili.In the normal state they are free to decline.

functions fallopian tube

Fallopian tubes in women perform a very important function of conveying.After ovulation, the body captures the egg and slowly helps her move towards genitals.At this time the sperm trapped in the body of a woman, fertilized gametes.Fallopian tubes using pili pushes fertilized egg toward the uterus.

After entering the genital organ occurs attachment of the embryo to the endometrium.From this point we can talk about held pregnancy.

problems fallopian tubes

Often the ladies there are various problems with the fallopian tubes.With timely treatment there are no consequences.However, if the negligent attitude towards their health, some diseases can lead to irreversible complications.Consider the most common diseases that occur in the fallopian tubes.

inflammation of the fallopian tube

The disease is diagnosed more often.Symptoms of this may be absent altogether or be so subtle.Acute inflammation is characterized by fever, malfunction of the menstrual cycle, pain in the lower part of the peritoneum.The chronic course of the disease has virtually no symptoms.But the consequences of this disease is very grim.

the disease is diagnosed using a standard pelvic exam and some tests.During manual diagnostic doctor may note an increase in reproductive organ.Also, the patient may complain about pain during menstruation.After such manipulation often appointed ultrasound diagnosis.On examination, the expert can detect an increase in the fallopian tubes.It is worth noting that in the normal state the body is not visible on the ultrasound monitor.

inflammation of the fallopian tubes often occurs on the background of hypothermia or any infection.Prolonged untreated pathology can go to the area of ​​the ovaries or the inner layer of the uterus.At the same time the consequences can be quite unexpected.

Treatment of the inflammatory process is carried out in a conservative manner.Thus, the earlier the correction, the better the prognosis for the future.

fallopian tubes

This pathology is in most cases a consequence of inflammation or extensive surgery.The inner layer of the fallopian tubes with the partially or completely glued.In the cavity of the body are formed adhesions that prevent the egg fall into the uterus.

Detected this pathology during metrosalpingography or hysterosalpingography.Laparoscopy also can show the condition of the fallopian tubes.Obstruction thus can be adjusted.During the ultrasound technician can not see the internal state of the fallopian tube.Obstruction can only be suspected by the presence of adhesions in the pelvis.Also for such a suspicion diagnosis can occur on prolonged absence of pregnancy.

Treatment of obstruction can only be surgical.Of course, in our time there protivospaechnye drugs that help break plenochki pathological thin, but the effect of this correction is not always positive.The most common treatment for selected laparoscopic technique.Doctor miniature devices shall divide adhesions and restore patency of the tube.

It is worth noting that some cases can be very complicated.This adhesive process can not be cured.Sometimes this pathology is required to carry out the removal of the fallopian tubes.If there is one organ can occur independent pregnancy.However, if you remove both the fallopian tubes, the conception can occur only outside the woman's body.

rupture the fallopian tube

This pathology can cause ectopic pregnancy.Also, there are cases where damage to the fallopian tube arising from hydrosalpinx.

Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the malfunction of the body.Most often adhesions lead to this disease.Before a woman can damage the pipe bursting feeling, pain in the lower abdomen.Also, there is minor bleeding against the backdrop of a positive pregnancy test.Treatment in this case, only surgical.It is worth noting that the timely correction has a chance to save the organ in which an embryo develops pathological.

gidrosalpinksa - this accumulation of fluid in the pipe.It appears as a result of inflammation or because of occurrence of tumors, which can be benign or malignant.Treatment may be surgical or conservative.The choice of method depends on the complexity of the situation.When you break the pipes need urgent surgical correction.

Conclusion Now you know what a female fallopian (uterine) tubes.Remember those illnesses that are more common in everyday life.Fallopian tubes is a direct path to pregnancy.However, in the absence of these elements in a woman's body can also occur conception.Fertilization is carried out at the same time artificially.

Take care of your women's health!