How to make a piercing in the nose

puncture the skin or cartilage in different parts of the nose in order to further wear jewelry - is not nothing but a nose piercing.This procedure is practiced in various cultures.More often make a puncture in one of his nostrils.For such a procedure requires special equipment, detaining one end of the needle.It breaks through the skin without damaging the inside of the nose.

Deciding to get pierced in the nose, sometimes opting for this procedure, the nasal septum.In this case, make a puncture under the cartilage.It Septum.When choosing to puncture the septum separating the two sides of the nose, it is very important not to damage the main part of the cartilage.

If decoration goes vertically moving down the nasal septum, it Septra.In addition, the nose piercing can be done through the soft tissue vertically or horizontally - a bridge.Here, various combinations of several punctures.

Many deciding on noseRings, opt for this tip of the nose.In this case, the puncture on the inside to make the top of the tip.It is very important not to touch the cartilage septum.

there are contraindications, in which it is impossible for this procedure.Only a doctor can determine if you can or can not do the piercing.Among the general contraindications should distinguish acute illnesses, chronic severe diseases of internal organs and systems, as well as a tendency to allergies and blood clotting.This list should be added certain chronic skin diseases and blood disorders.

By the way, remember that hormonal drugs and contraceptives lowers the immune system, which contributes to the spread of infection.So, in this case it is better not to do the piercing.

After the first piercing jewelery should be worn Medical steel and only after healing of sores in the nose can be exchanged for another.So, if you want to get pierced in the nose with a diamond - will have to wait a little longer.Before you change the decoration, be sure to wash your hands.Followed by carnations get medical or nose ring, disinfect new and paste it on the puncture site.You can lubricate the new decoration cream or Vaseline before inserting it.

Excellent will look golden piercings.In the nose, such decorations must be inserted with care, do not forget to disinfect it.

There are many nuances that are worth paying attention to.So, nose piercing requires careful care of this part of the face.If you have never had any problems with crusts in the nose, now regularly delete them using saline and cotton swabs.If suddenly there was a cold, blowing his nose that should apply pressure to the opposite nostril piercings.Then you have to thoroughly rinse the nose and clean it with a cotton sticks - so will minimize the risk of infection in the wound nose.

should also know that during yawning at nose piercing can be painful.So yawn, too, be careful.It should put his hands on the nasal septum and to put pressure on her fingers, that is, to keep the nose from lifting the reflex during yawning.