How to get married in "Sampa"?

Novice players SAMP sometimes wonder abundance of various commands that they need to know to make the most comfortable to navigate in the game world.The team is really very much, and all of them can be important at some point.But it is much more pleasant by the fact that they allow you to perform a variety of actions that bring what is happening on the screen to real life.An example is a wedding.Yes, you can actually choose a passion in the game and offered her his hand and heart.However, not everyone knows how to do it - is not even manage a team, you need to know a number of conditions, to be performed, the process was completed successfully.In this article you'll learn how to get married in the sump.


First of all, when your relationship with your partner has to reach serious limits, beyond which looms the marriage, you need to acquire real estate, that is, buy a house or apartment.If you live on the street, then the wedding will not take place.This is a prerequisite, and if you want to learn how to marry into the SAMP, you have to take the game seriously.If you have a little money, then go buy the cheapest house or to get a high-paying job and a delay to purchase real estate is better.It was only when you got the house, you should think about how to get married in the sump.


Many gamers make the mistake of making a proposal to his future wife in some random place that may seem romantic to them.And nothing happens.How to get married in Sampo if you offer no opportunities?The error here is that the groom can make an offer to the bride only when the two of them will be located in close proximity to the town church.Only then run the appropriate script, and you can continue the initiated process.But all this was to prepare - it's time to find out just how to marry in Sampo.The team is very simple, but do not enter it immediately - you must first appoint a witness.


Invite to the wedding as many people as you wish, but make sure at the same time that the one among them was the person you most trust.How to marry in "GTA: SAMP" knowledgeable person?First he sent not to the bride, and your best friend, team prescribing witness, followed by the identification number of the selected player.Then the last witnesses at the wedding - in fact, the special advantages of this role is not present, it serves only to comply with the process of reality.And now, when you have a witness, you can learn how to get married in the "SAMP: RP".


Make sure that all the conditions have been met: you have in the property there is a house, the process is next to the church and one person appointed by the witness.Then you can use the command propose, pointing after the identifier of your bride.As you can see, for the wedding only need two teams of Poland."Sampo" - a game in which the teams can not do without, but in fact, for every action you need not too much effort.So, you have made an offer to his beloved, but what's next?And then there is very little - and the groom and the bride jump out of the window in which Boudin asked about whether they agree to the wedding.And if they both answered "yes", then the marriage will end successfully.You can go to celebrate with all the guests, and how to do it - it is up to you.In principle, as well as what you do in your new life together that you have only just begun.