Cervical pregnancy: causes, symptoms, diagnosis

Cervical pregnancy is very rare.This severe pathology, often leading to death.Upon detection of suspicious symptoms, discharge or feel unwell woman, immediately seek medical help.

What is cervical pregnancy, and how is it dangerous?

It is necessary to know

This pathology refers to a form of ectopic pregnancy.Ovum with the diagnosis attached outside the uterus, namely in her cervical canal.Symptoms of the abnormal flow of the process are most often bleeding of varying severity.

In gynecology ectopic pregnancy (cervical form) is divided into the following types:

  1. proximal (abdominal, ovarian and tubal);
  2. distal (cervical and neck-peresheechnaya).

first type of pathology is more common second.Distal form of ectopic pregnancy - a very rare phenomenon.

This diagnosis is very dangerous for a woman and carries a series of irreversible processes, threatening her life.Severe internal bleeding and purulent inflammation - the major problems that, when adverse situations can be fatal.

Cervical pregnancy: symptoms

Since the place where the case was attached fertilized egg, a very different purpose, not developing decidua.Chorionic villi are starting to break through the wall of the neck, tearing its vessels.Because of this, and there is severe bleeding.

Symptoms of cervical pregnancy depend on the degree of implantation of the ovum and the current term of pregnancy.The first sign of this disease are small amount of bleeding after a long delay of the menstrual cycle.

Pain in the cervical pregnancy does not occur.Bleeding patterns can be different intensity - scarce or abundant.

hard to imagine what is fraught for women ectopic pregnancy.In the early stages (6-8 weeks) may be heavy bleeding.In this case, women need urgent hospitalization.

neck-peresheechnaya pregnancy

This is a rare and unusual pathology.It is characterized by the attachment of the ovum outside the uterus, in its isthmus (lower division).This anomaly refers to the distal form of ectopic pregnancy.

Any clinical signs during diagnostic absent vagina.Not detected as the main symptoms.Very often neck-peresheechnaya pregnancy mistaken for placenta previa.

identify this form of ectopic pregnancy difficult.Your doctor may suggest its presence at spotting that increases with increasing gestational age.

What does a pregnancy test?

With this disease the first alarm bell can be spotting is much poorer than usual.Therefore, a woman may not even be aware of what is in the position.It is best to consult a doctor, who will find out the cause of changes in the menstrual cycle, or do the test yourself.

mainly the result is positive.However, on the test strip softly colored, barely discernible.The low content of the hormone human chorionic (HCG) in the blood, detection of which is a sign of pregnancy can directly indicate the existence of pathology.

At a delay menstruation, spotting and weakly positive test, a woman should see a doctor urgently.During the examination, the gynecologist immediately noticed the discrepancy in size of uterine pregnancy.If more than 4 weeks, the doctor is easy to detect the abnormal formation in the tubes of the uterus.

Diagnostics If you suspect an ectopic pregnancy gynecologist appointed procedure ultrasound and a blood test to determine the level of hCG (hormone).Very often during the diagnostic examination can be detected other pathologies, namely:

  • fibroids;
  • miscarriage;
  • uterine fibroids.

To diagnose cervical form of ectopic pregnancy to conduct a full gynecological examination.At the same time revealed:

  • cyanosis cervix;
  • moving towards the external os;
  • attachment of the ovum to the walls of the cervix, palpation bleeding occurs;
  • sizes cervical enlarged and a lot more of her body.

most accurate and reliable figures gives ultrasound.When the lumen of the cervical canal immediately found attached fertilized egg.

Causes Cervical pregnancy can occur up to 12 weeks.It usually ends in spontaneous abortion.Neck-peresheechnaya pregnancy may develop 16 to 24 weeks.In very rare cases, these forms of distal flow of gestation until the end of schedule.

main causes of these pathologies are:

  • frequent abortions;
  • endometritis;
  • complicated deliveries to external and internal injuries;
  • cervical incompetence;
  • gynecological curettage;
  • IVF;
  • uterine fibroids.

main cause of cervical pregnancy is an abnormal condition of the endometrium and inadequate trophoblast.

treatment to women's health is a very big danger is cervical pregnancy.Treatment held immediately.Woman hospitalized, it is the procedure of bleeding cupping with tight tamponade sewn on the sides of the vagina.

superimposed circular seam in the area of ​​the cervix, in its channel catheter Foley.Produced ligation and embolization of the internal arteries.With such manipulations can not remove the fertilized egg.Perhaps a surgery to remove one or both fallopian tubes.

inappropriate attempt to curettage of the uterus or placenta could face heavy bleeding with a fatal outcome.Tamponade or suturing in this case does not help, because large vessels are opened.

In rare cases, the only solution is to remove the uterus.This operation is carried out urgently if you can not stop the bleeding or to save bodies, what often results in cervical pregnancy.Treatment after such surgery difficult and long.


In order to avoid any form of ectopic pregnancy, a woman needs to carefully monitor your health, avoid unwanted conception.

main preventive measures are:

  • use of contraceptives;
  • timely visit to the gynecologist;
  • avoidance of abortion;
  • any treatment of gynecological diseases;
  • regular maintenance of the menstrual calendar;
  • compliance with benign conditions of the recovery period after any gynecological operation (to prevent complications).

The first thing is to make a woman with a positive pregnancy test - to see a doctor and get registered.Gynecologist experienced in early pregnancy able to identify any abnormalities and avoid dire consequences.


Cervical pregnancy is a very unusual and unpredictable disease.Usually it is interrupted in the first half of gestation.A serious problem is difficult diagnosis, which leads to the rupture of the uterus and tubes occurrence of fatal bleeding.

interruption of ectopic pregnancy - a huge stress for the woman.However, do not despair.We must make every effort to get successful treatment, recovery period and prepare for the re-favorable pregnancy.

severe depression experienced by women after undergoing surgery to remove the uterus.It is awarded when there was a cervical ectopic pregnancy.After surgery, the patient need psychological help, as this loss is very difficult to survive on their own.

has a chance!

Pregnancy is possible if a woman has even removed the two fallopian tubes.In this case, IVF is performed.Always after the operation the patient is necessary to tell about such a possibility.

If one tube is removed, the risk of repeated ectopic pregnancy is very high.A woman needs to go through a long recovery period, while used contraception.

during pregnancy planning and its flow is necessary to follow the recommendations of the doctor, to listen to his advice.If the woman underwent surgery, she should adhere strictly to bed rest, do not lift weights, eat well.

Take care of your health and lead an active life, be happy, and then you will be born strong healthy baby!