Christmas candies: recipe

What a pity that the tradition of making ornaments on the Christmas tree with his hands, began to slowly be forgotten.Beautiful cones, snowflakes, Christmas candy - all of this has been granted a festive mood, and adults and children.Nevertheless, try tasty treats not abandon anyone.How to make a Christmas candy-like taste of childhood?It turns out that it's very simple.You can take cooking with their children, to feel the atmosphere of the holiday.

good old recipe

There are recipes, time-tested, are familiar to all from childhood.They are easy to prepare and available on the composition ingredients.To make Christmas candy, you must take the sugar and water.These two ingredients take in equal proportions.Pours sugar into a saucepan and fill with water.Put the container on fire and bring mixture to a boil.Constantly stir the syrup with a spoon.Then reduce the heat to low and cook until the amber.Further, to obtain candies rapidly pour the mixture into cold water.But this method of producing shapeless candy.To make them beautiful, using special molds.So make Christmas lollipops.

Beautiful candy

not always at hand is the candy molds.But you can use the means at hand.Take a large spoon ordinary and lubricate them with vegetable oil.Then poured into a syrup are prepared and drop into cold water.So turn Christmas candies oval.They can be wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper.If, after filling in any form in syrup thrust rod or a toothpick, it will be convenient to eat these candies.

Tasty pleasure

These sweets are always a pleasure to adults and children.Lack flavorings makes them natural and safe.This is another reason to make Christmas candy canes by hand.Take for preparation to 250 grams of sugar, half a small spoon of citric acid and 100 milliliters of water.It is also necessary to prepare the parchment paper, a silicone mat, wooden sticks and cookie cutters made of metal.Mix sugar with water in the syrup and boil for some time.Fire do the minimum, not to overheat (aka candy will taste bitter).At the end add the citric acid.Greaseproof paper spread out on the mat of silicone and grease it with vegetable oil.So Christmas candy, lollipops can be easily separated from the paper.Now you can gently pour mass on parchment or pour it in the prescribed form.The rods are screwed into the not yet frozen lollipops.When the candy is ready, remove the form and remove the paper.Tasty treats ready.

Beautiful candy

to please children, you need to prepare a beautiful and original sweets.There you will not find on the shelves, and their quality will be much higher.You will need 4 large spoons of sugar, a large spoon of water, half a spoon of vinegar of wine, wooden sticks, and any beautiful gritting.To make Christmas candy even more tasty, use instead of water, natural juice.

Technology of preparation is essentially the same.Water is mixed with sugar and set on fire capacity.Boiled syrup to the desired consistency (approximately 10 minutes).You can then add to the flavor of cinnamon or vanilla.Baking parchment littered with paper and put in the refrigerator (cool to the syrup did not spread much).Next, pour a mixture of sweet meals and insert wooden sticks.Subject to full hardening.


shaped chocolates can be arbitrary.Optionally make Christmas candy-cane, you can select any options.We offer to cook biscuits, candies.To do this, take 200 grams of flour, 40 grams of sugar, 100 grams of butter, one egg, half a small spoon of baking powder.Lollipops take ready (30 pieces).Sift flour with baking powder in a bowl.Then add to the soft butter, sugar and egg.

Of all the ingredients knead the dough, wrap it in foil and put them in the refrigerator for about half an hour.Next, pull out the dough and roll out its not too thin.Cut pastry molds, spread it on a baking sheet, and in the middle - to make the holes.In a paste candies and also make a small hole for the rope (to hang the cookies, candy canes on the Christmas tree).Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes.Top Cookies can lubricate the yolk and sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon, poppy seeds or nuts.It turns out very original treat.

Orange candy

Lollipops can be used not only as a standalone treat.They are used to decorate cakes and other pastries.If we add natural juice, you get a fragrant dessert.Shaped candy also depends on your imagination and possibilities.You can make figures of animals (if any molds) or Christmas-candy sticks.To prepare the orange treats, it is necessary to take 250 grams of sugar, 100 milliliters of orange juice, two large spoons of honey and a small spoon of olive oil.The juice can be bought ready or squeeze fresh.In a saucepan pour the juice and pour sugar.Bring to a boil and tormented to the desired consistency.Then add honey and off.The mixture was dispensed into the prepared pan, greased and cooled.It turns out very tasty and beautiful Christmas candies.The recipe is simple, but how much joy it will bring a treat for children.Cook the candy at home with relatives and arrange them real holiday.