The first traces of hieroglyphic writing in Ancient Egypt: From what age they come to us?

emergence of writing occurred when a man went to a sedentary life.It was then complicated methods of cultivation, improved implements of labor, and there is widespread religion.Mankind has acquired the initial experience of interaction with the surrounding reality;an experience that should pass to the next generation.Oral tradition could not fully perform this function, there is a need of visual transmission of information to others.Thus it appeared the first written evidence of the life of ancient people.

first written

first letter emerged in the Mesolithic period.Scientists have found a lot of small stones on which were painted bright colors of various figures.Each tribe has used its own system of signs and images.But even these occasional attempts to portray something that previously only mentioned a beneficial impact on the development of mankind.At the state level, the extensive use of writing, it was noted in the ancient kingdoms of Mesopotamia - Sumer and Babylon, in the states of Asia Minor - Media and Lydia and of course, in ancient Egypt.

Writing in Ancient Egypt

first traces of hieroglyphic writing in Ancient Egypt arisen over 3 thousand. Years ago, in the pre-dynastic period.Then there were the first state formations, traces of which were lost in the midst of centuries.But to have survived the royal family pictures on the walls of tombs and temples, as well as early information about the economic activities of the early states.It is known that in the predynastic era of the ancient Egyptians was a complex religious system outlook - this is also evidenced by the first signs of hieroglyphic writing in Ancient Egypt.The date and age of the first written signs are indicated very approximately, based on the analysis of carbon antiquities.It's safe to say that the first extant written prescription designation are about 4 thousand. BC.e.This pictographic signs, which were in the tomb of Abydos - Pharaoh pre-dynastic era.The first traces of hieroglyphic writing in Ancient Egypt, the date of which is in the range of the early kingdom, linked to the development of statehood in the territory of the country, with the union of Upper and Lower kingdoms into a single state.To manage the huge state required thousands of officials and clerks, for which general rules were needed and numeracy.It was then that the writing system of the ancient Egyptians took the form and style characteristic of hieroglyphic writing.

Writing in the religion of ancient Egypt

According to the beliefs of the Egyptians, writing gave him the god of wisdom Thoth.It gave people the first signs that could indicate the simplest concepts - the sun, bread, butter and so on.In such simple signs and came to us the first traces of hieroglyphic writing in Ancient Egypt.The date of the first extant kanji - 23 th century BC.e.Later, the first traces of hieroglyphic writing in Ancient Egypt convey more complex semantic and imaginative concepts - for example, a day designated by the sun as the sun shines only during the day.Changed and patron of writing.They became the goddess Seshat, who is the daughter of Thor.The name Seshat contacted prayers Egyptians about science and knowledge of the children of successful examinations for the post of official or scribe, the success of the civil service.These and other information about the beliefs of the Egyptians told the first traces of hieroglyphic writing in Ancient Egypt.

What century occurred blossoming of writing?

Fully writing formed by the end of the Old Kingdom.The first traces of hieroglyphic writing in Ancient Egypt talk about the active use more than 800 characters.Throughout the third millennium the number of characters has changed slightly.In the Hellenistic period, the number of characters increased significantly and reached 6600.

With the decline of Egyptian power and the succession of numerous conquests of the country's ancient values ‚Äč‚Äčierogrifov been completely forgotten.Only in the early 19th century the great French scientist and explorer Jacques Champollion, having studied the first traces of hieroglyphic writing in Ancient Egypt, I began work on their transcript.Thanks to his genius and hard work of many other scientists have uncovered the ancient signs of its secrets and provided extensive information about life in the old country, modern researchers.